This is a step-by-step guide on how to watch CBS outside US so you can watch your favorite shows without any interruption or difficulty. 


CBS All Access gives you access to all your favorite shows that you can watch anytime anywhere without any hassle. But the problem arises because of the geographical restriction.

If you are a traveler or if you are living outside the US and craving to watch your favorite shows like Big bang theory, NCIS marathon, star trek or Frasier. You can now easily access to the content by unlocking CBS in your region through VPN.

Using a VPN is the most secure way to bypass any sort of restrictions and the good news is, there is no subscription fee for the channel, you just have to choose an good VPN like Surfshark.

How to unblock CBS outside US (Step-by-Step)

  • Subscribe to a VPN (Surfshark is our recommendation)
  • Download CBS App and run installation
  • Once installed, enter login details
  • Connect to a US server
  • Visit the CBS website and stream your content.

3 Best VPN’S to watch CBS outside US                                      

  1. Surfshark
  2. NordVPN
  3. ExpressVPN


Surfshark is the most affordable one from the three and is most preferable due to its durability and effectiveness. It comes in the package for $1.99/month with 30 days refund policy for you to ensure its service. It gives you a decent speed and HD streaming and caters software like Mac, Linux, Routers, Windows, Android, and iOS.


NordVPN gives you a much broader range of services with 5000 servers in
60 countries around the globe. It has a much faster pace and extensive quality with HD streaming. It also gives you the service of connecting to 6 shared connections under one account. It offers a package for $3.49/month with 30 days refund policy.  


ExpressVPN gives a boasting high speed and is considered to be the best VPN in the market. It has 256-bit encryption for the security protocols which means no compromise your data. It also offers a special security feature for your data known as leak protection. ExpressVPN also has bowser extensions for Firefox, safari, chrome. It has a year based package for $8.32/month which is totally worth the cost and a 30 days refund policy.

List of CBS shows

  • Evil
  • Survivor
  • FBI
  • The unicorn
  • Criminal mind
  • Madam secretary
  • Mom
  • The BIG bang theory
  • The amazing race
  • Murphy brown
  • The good wife
  • Undercover boss
  • The twilight zone
  • Crime scene investigation
  • 60 minutes


Can I stream CBS for free ?

No, there is a subscription fee for CBS All Access that starts from $5.99/month. But if you want to stream CBS live, then you need access from your local provider.

Can I watch CBS Live online?

Yes, you can only watch CBS live online if you have a login ID and a password of your cable provider. However, you can watch CBS All Access with a VPN such as Surfshark

Is CBS and CBS sports the same?

CBS acquired and now is the sports division of CBS.


I hope this guide on how to watch CBS outside US and guidelines on best VPNs was helpful. You can now easily watch CBS shows from anywhere around the globe.

If you still face any sort of difficulty to access the content or understand how VPN works, feel free to ask us your queries in the comments section.


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