How to Watch Survivor in Canada [New Season]

Sunday, June 23, 2024


Survivor, an American Reality TV show, hosted by Jeff Probst, embarks on its 46th season on February 18, 2024, on CBS & Paramount+.

Contestants will compete for survival and supremacy on the deserted Islands of Fiji, enhancing the intense competition and strategic play to win the prize money of $1m.

You can watch Survivor in Canada with streaming services like Global TV and Paramount Plus. I have also added a free method to the blog as well.

However, free websites stream the show unofficially and you will need a VPN to stream the show via them.

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How to Watch Survivor in Canada

Global TV is the official broadcaster of Survivor in Canada. It offers select episodes for free before requiring a subscription or a Canadian TV provider for full access.

Here are the steps to watch Survivor in Canada:

Step 1: Go to the Global TV website and choose and select Shows from the top menu bar.


Step 2: Choose the show Survivor.


Step 3: Choose the Episode you want to watch. (Select episodes are available for free you can directly stream them without signing up)


Step 3: Click on Sign-in To Watch.


Step 4: Choose your TV provider


Step 5: Sign in with your credentials


Step 6: Start Streaming!


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Other Ways to Watch Survivor in Canada

There are several other ways to watch Survivor in Canada. I have discussed the free & premium options below, and you can choose whichever suits your streaming needs the best!

1. Global TV (Freemium)


If you want to watch Survivor in Canada, you can use the streaming option, Global TV. However, only select episodes are available for free.

To unlock all episodes and previous seasons, you must subscribe to Canadian Live TV services.

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2. Paramount Plus (Premium)


Another option to watch Survivor is Paramount+. Paramount+ in Canada offers a wide range of shows, including the previous and the upcoming 46th season of Survivor.

You can subscribe to Paramount Plus for CAD 9.99 /mo + tax. (a 7-day free trial is also available for new subscribers)

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How to Watch Survivor in Canada on Mobile for Free

You can watch Survivor on mobile in Canada for free with the help of a free streaming website using your browser.

Alternatively, you can also opt for premium services mentioned in the blog to stream the game.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Subscribe with ExpressVPN and connect to the US server.


Step 2: Open your web browser and go to OR


Step 3: Search for Survivor in the top menu


Step 4: Select the Survivor show


Step 5: Click Watch Now


Step 6: Choose Season/Episode


Step 7: Click Play and start streaming!


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What is Survivor All About?

Genre: Adventure, Game-Show, Reality-TV

Seasons: 45 (Season 46 will premiere on February 28, 2024).

IMDb Rating: 7.5/10

Survivor is a reality TV competition where contestants are isolated in a remote location, often an island, and must provide food, fire, and shelter for themselves.

They compete in challenges for rewards and immunity from elimination. The contestants are progressively voted out by their peers until only one Sole Survivor remains, who wins the cash prize of $1m.

The show emphasizes social strategy, physical and mental challenges, and the ability to adapt to the environment and group dynamics.

Survivor Season 46 Participants

The participants of Survivor Season 46 are as follows:

  1. Ben Katzman, 31, from Miami, Florida – Musician
  2. Bhanu Gopal, 41, from Acton, Massachusetts – IT Quality Analyst
  3. Charlie Davis, 26, from Boston, Massachusetts – Law Student
  4. David “Jelinsky” Jelinsky, 22, from Las Vegas, Nevada – Slot Machine Salesman
  5. Hunter McKnight, 28, from French Camp, Mississippi – Science Teacher
  6. Jem Hussain-Adams, 32, from Chicago, Illinois – International Brand Mentor
  7. Jessica “Jess” Chong, 37, from San Francisco, California – Software Engineer
  8. Kenzie Veurink, 29, from Charlotte, North Carolina – Salon Owner
  9. Liz Wilcox, 35, from Orlando, Florida – Marketing Strategist
  10. Maria Gonzalez, 48, from Dallas, Texas – Parent Coach
  11. Moriah Gaynor, 28, from San Diego, California – Program Coordinator
  12. Q Burdette, 29, from Memphis, Tennessee – Real Estate Agent
  13. Randen Montalvo, 41, from Orlando, Florida – Aerospace Tech
  14. Soda Thompson, 27, from Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey – Bartender​

Other TV Shows to Watch in Canada

You can watch the following shows in Canada apart from Survivor:

Britain’s Got Talent is the American equivalent of the Got Talent television series. Participants in this talent competition come from all across the UK, and after each season, one of them receives the winning cash prize.

The Indy 500 documentary series 100 Days to Indy shows the backstage action of the IndyCar championship. The IndyCar teams and drivers are the focus of this series in the 100 days leading up to the 107th Indianapolis 500-mile race.

Based on their singing abilities and distinctive voices, candidates are chosen from auditions in front of four judges. By providing them with helpful critiques, the judges work to improve those singers’ craft.

You can also watch other TV series in Canada such as Big Brother, America’s Got Talent, Jury Duty, and more.

FAQs – Survivor 

Who is the host of Survivor Season 46?

Jeff Probst, celebrated for his dynamic hosting of Survivor since 2000, has earned multiple Emmys, becoming synonymous with the show’s enduring appeal.

When does Survivor Season 46 premiere?

Survivor Season 46 is set to premiere on Wednesday, February 28, 2024, with a special two-hour episode​.

Where is Survivor Season 46 filmed?

Survivor Season 46 was filmed over 26 days in the Mamanuca Islands of Fiji, known for its beautiful azure waters and pristine beaches.


Thrilling Reality TV Show The Survivor gears up for its 46th season to be premiered on February 18, 2024, on CBS from the picturesque Mamanuca Islands of Fiji.

Contestants will vie for the grand prize of $1 million, promising viewers another season of compelling gameplay.

You can watch Survivor in Canada with streaming services like Global TV and Paramount Plus. I have also added a free method to the blog as well.

However, to stream safely via free websites streams the show unofficially.


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