The Amazing Race is a popular reality TV show that follows two-person teams as they race worldwide and compete in numerous challenges for a $1 million grand prize. 

The show has fans around the world, including Canada. It has 34 seasons to date and the most recent one was released last year in September.

You can watch The Amazing Race in Canada with CTV which is completely free to stream and is available in Canada.

However, the other options to stream The Amazing Race include Hulu, Fubo, and Sling. Most of these services are geo-restricted in Canada, which is why you will need a VPN. ExpressVPN is our #1 choice.

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Watch the Amazing Race in Canada for Free

CTV is Canada’s official broadcaster of The Amazing Race. You can watch the Amazing Race in Canada for free without registration on CTV.

Step 1: Go to the CTV website and search for Amazing Race


Step 2: Select an episode to watch, e.g. Season 6, Ep 1


Step 3: Wait for ads to finish and start streaming!


Other Ways to Watch The Amazing Race in Canada

Apart from the CTV website, there are several other ways you can watch The Amazing Race in Canada; they include:

1. Hulu


Hulu is another way to watch The Amazing Race in Canada. The starting price of a Hulu subscription is $7.99 per month (with ads), making it an affordable option.

However, it’s important to note that Hulu is only available in the United States. If you’re in Canada, you will need a premium VPN like ExpressVPN to access it.

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2. FuboTV


FuboTV is another option for watching The Amazing Race on CBS. The service starts at $74.99 per month and offers access to over 100 channels.

FuboTV is available in Canada but you won’t find CBS in its list of channels. That’s because CBS is only available in the US version of Fubo. To watch it in Canada, you’ll need a VPN service like ExpressVPN.

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3. Sling


Sling TV is another great option for those wanting to watch The Amazing Race at a more affordable $40/month as it streams 44+ channels including CBS.

However, Sling TV is also only available in the United States. To watch it in Canada, you will need a VPN such as ExpressVPN.

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The Amazing Race Cast

The latest season of The Amazing Race promises a thrilling adventure with an exciting cast from different backgrounds. Phil Keoghan, the show’s host, will lead the teams through an intense competition.

This season’s cast includes various personalities, from sports analysts to motivational speakers, childhood sweethearts to long-lost twins. The competitors will be paired up in teams of two.

Cast Members Relationship Description
Luis Colon & Michelle Burgos Married A couple from Miami, Florida
Aastha Lal & Nina Duong Engaged A couple from California
Glenda & Lumumba Roberts Newlyweds A couple from Georgia
Quinton Peron & Mattie Lynch Friends Former L.A. Rams cheerleaders
Linton & Sharink Atkinson Father and daughter A duo from Jamaica and New York, respectively
Marcus & Michael Craig Brothers Military brothers from Georgia
Abby Garrett & Will Freeman Childhood sweethearts A couple from Tennessee
Derek Xiao & Claire Rehfuss Big Brother 23 couple A couple from New York and Ohio, respectively
Tim Mann & Rex Ryan Friends Golf pals from Tennessee and Kentucky, respectively
Aubrey Ares & David Hernandez Dance partners Ballroom dancers from California
Rich Kuo & Dom Jones Motivational speakers A duo from California
Emily Bushnell & Molly Sinert Long-lost twins Twins from Georgia who were separated at birth and reunited


Other Shows to Watch in Canada

Other than Amazing Race, there are several other amazing shows you can watch in Canada:

Downtown Abbey is a British history television series set in early twentieth-century England. The show shows the daily life of the Crawley family and their staff members.

True Story is about a protagonist, a well-known comedian who is struggling to find solace after a bad night out in Philadelphia.

Top Gear is a British television show in which the hosts judge and analyze the claims made by auto and motorcycle manufacturers about their products.

You can watch other TV shows in Canada such as Big Brother, Survivor, Hell’s Kitchen, 100 Days to Indy, Ghosts (US), etc.

FAQs – The Amazing Race 

When did the first episode of The Amazing Race air?

The Amazing Race, one of the most-watched reality TV programs, premiered on CBS in September 2001. It has successfully completed 33 seasons, and there is a chance that additional seasons will be created.

Who were some of The Amazing Race’s most notable competitors?

There have been many outstanding competitors on The Amazing Race over its 33 seasons. One of the most adored teams is Tyler and James from season 10, who were renowned for their clever gameplay and won seven legs of the race. 

What types of challenges are on The Amazing Race Canada?

The teams’ physical, mental, and emotional capabilities are tested through various tasks on The Amazing Race Canada. These difficulties include using public transportation to explore strange cities, figuring out complex riddles, and doing strenuous chores.


The Amazing Race is a famous reality show. You can watch the Amazing Race in Canada with several options such as CTV for free. In addition, I also have discussed premium ways to watch, such as Hulu and fuboTV.

However, you will need to use a premium VPN such as ExpressVPN with some of these options, as they are unavailable in Canada. 


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