DC Universe is a platform to read 25,000+ comics and graphic novels from DC Vertigo but is only available in the US. You can unblock DC Universe in Canada with the help of a VPN. 

If you ever try to access DC Universe in Canada or anywhere without a VPN, you will receive the following message:

“Sorry, this service is only available in the US, we’ll announce when it is available in your region.”

You can read free comics with DC Universe, but there’s a premium section as well that costs $7.99/month to read exclusive content.

I was able to access DC Universe in Canada and read a few comic books by using Surfshark VPN and other top VPNs that I have mentioned in this guide.

How to Unblock DC Universe in Canada

Follow these steps to unblock DC Universe outside the US:

Step 1: Download and Subscribe to a VPN (We highly recommend using Surfshark VPN)

Step 2: Open the app and connect to the US server (e.g. Dallas)

Step 3: Go to the DC Universe website and click on Free Trial or go to the Free Comics section

Note: You can choose a Monthly or Annual payment. Choose ‘Begin a 7-day free trial’. It is important to pay through Paypal to avoid the rejection of credit and debit cards provided in the United States.

Step 5: Choose your preferred Comic and enjoy reading!

What are the Best VPNs to Watch DC Universe in Canada

We tested over 25+ VPNs to see whether they were able to unblock DC Universe in Canada. We found that the 3 best VPNs were able to bypass DC Universe geo-restrictions with a single attempt.

Have a look at the 3 best VPNs for DC Universe:

  1. Surfshark
  2. NordVPN
  3. ExpressVPN

1. Surfshark

Surfshark is the recommended VPN when it comes to unblocking DC Universe in Canada. It offers about 500 servers in the United States which helps you read DC Comics with DC Universe Infinite.

The primary reason you’ll enjoy Surfshark is that it consistently provides fast streaming speed to all users, takes privacy and security seriously, and seldom encounter buffering issues.

With the help of Surfshark, you don’t only access DC Universe but are able to unblock services that are also blocked in Canada such as Paramount Network, Peacock TV, Vudu, and more.

Surfshark only costs $2.49 a month. and it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. With a single Surfshark account, you can connect to unlimited devices.

2. NordVPN

NordVPN is another great VPN that we have recommended you to unblock DC Universe with it. The most important factor of NordVPN is its powerful encryption and 1,970 US servers.

You may connect six devices simultaneously with a single NordVPN account. This VPN is compatible with platforms such as Windows, Android, macOS, iPhone/Ios, Linux, Android TV, chrome, and Firefox.

NordVPN costs about $3.71/month and that also includes a 30-day money-back guarantee.

3. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is the third recommended VPN on our list and has a server in 14 US cities that help you unblock DC Universe outside the US. The most valuable feature of ExpressVPN is its blazing fast speed which is comparable to no other VPN.

ExpressVPN also has a Kill Switch feature that kills the internet whenever the VPN connection accidentally drops. With ExpressVPN, you’re also able to watch US Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max, etc.

ExpressVPN is compatible with platforms such as Mac, iOS, Android, Browsers, Routers, and Linux. Furthermore, it is available for $8.32 per month and has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Why you Need a VPN with DC Universe?

DC Universe Infinite website is geo-blocked outside of the United States due to licensing and copyright issues. Some content owners do not allow their content to be read or viewed outside their licensing countries.

With the help of a VPN, you can connect to a US server and then be able to access DC Universe website and its content.

A VPN does a lot of things, but the most important one is that it changes your virtual location or your IP address to another country. For instance, if you connect to a US server, you will be assigned a US IP address and then DC Universe will think you’re from the US and grants you access.

Having said that, your online identity becomes completely anonymous and untraceable. Your data is encrypted by 256-bit encryption that keeps your data intact.

What Can I Read/Watch on DC Universe?

DC Universe contains a library of 25,000+ DC Comics that you need to read right now. In the Latest Releases section, you can read Comics like Batman, DCeased: Dead Planet, Hellblazer: Rise and Fall, Strange Adventures Director’s Cut, Sweet Tooth: The Retrun, etc.


In the Trending Series section, you can read Comics like Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point, Dark Knight, Bat Girl, Nightwing, Rorschach, etc.

In the Most Read Series section, you can read some great Comics like Justice League, Dark Knights: Metal, Detective Comics, Injustice 2, etc.


In the Digital First Comic Series, you can read Comics like Represent, Let them live, Truth & Justice, Challenge of the Super Sons, etc.

Will DC Universe Expand to Other Countries?

There is no evidence of whether DC intends to expand outside the United States and make its content collection available in other nations since no public announcements have been released.

Nor is it explicit that if DC Universe does plan to expand globally, it would do so with the same material collection. Whatever the case, consumers would also need to use VPNs to view information that is only accessible to residents of the United States.

Given that Netflix took more than three years to extend beyond the United States, we assume DC Universe would require at least a couple of years to solve global barriers.

Other Streaming Services to Watch in Canada

Here’s a look at the list of streaming services you can watch in Canada with the help of a VPN:

FAQs – DC Universe

Can you use free VPNs when unblocking DC Universe?

No, free VPNs can do more harm than good. It can extract your personal data and sell it to advertisers and keep track of your online activity. Free VPNs are not recommended with DC Universe.

What devices stream DC Universe?

DC Universe can be accessible on Android, iOS, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and Android TV, as well as online and mobile internet access.

Is subscription to DC Universe worthwhile?

If you already own a Roku or an Apple TV (or are happy with watching content on your device), then indeed, this is a worthwhile investment. It’s worth it just for the animated series and original content.


DC Universe is widely known as the Netflix of the comic world. Most of the comics are free to read but it is only available to citizens of the United States.

If you attempt to unblock DC Universe from outside the US, you will receive a geo-restriction error.

The only way to watch DC Universe in Canada is to link to a US-based server with a VPN by creating an account, you will be given access automatically.

DC Universe is available for use in all web browsers. A connection over a VPN allows you to browse your preferred content.

Have you attempted to access DC Universe outside US with a VPN? How did it end up working out for you? I’d like to know your opinions. Participate in the corresponding discussion.


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