If you are looking to stream every Harry Potter movie via Netflix, unfortunately you’re out of luck. The Harry Potter film series has disappeared from the streaming service’s roster of titles in both The UK and US. If you are a subscriber to any of the main streaming services, you’ll have to pay extra charges for exploring the magical adventures of Harry Potter.

Following are some of the ways to watch Harry Potter online without cable.

  • SolarMovie (Free Method)

    This method is for watching Harry Potter films for free. It does not require a subscription neither it requires any account.

  • Following are some of the steps that are required to watch Harry Potter films from this website :
  • Google Play

Google will now let you rent or buy films from its Google play Store. Its prices are litter bit higher than that of Amazon.  You can buy films for £7.99 in S.D and  £9.99 for a film in HD.

If you are just renting, things are much the same as elsewhere that is £3.49 for HD rental and £2.49 for SD rental.

Following are the ways required to buy or rent movies from Google Play Store.

    • From your Android phone or tablet, Open the Google play App Store.

  • At the Top left, Click menu ->Movies & TV
  • Browse for your favorite Harry Potter Movie
  • To view prices, buy ,or rent Tap ‘the item’
  • Amazon Video

As we mentioned earlier, the films are not part of the Amazon’s Prime service, but you can still watch it with the company’s video platform. Renting an individual harry potter film will cost you about £2.49, renting it in HD quality will cost you £3.49.

Following are steps required to watch Harry Potter on Amazon.

  • Go to the link https://amzn.to/2B69llK
  • Selected your favorite harry potter film from there.
  • Click on ‘Rent Movie’ to rent a movie and ‘Buy Movie’ to buy a harry potter movie
  • Now logon to your amazon account. If you don’t have an account you can sign up from there by clicking on ‘Create your Amazon account’.
  • Now you can easily watch Harry Potter movies on Amazon.


The three methods to watch Harry potter online without cable are highlighted in the article. These are quite easily accessible. It mentions two paid methods and one free method to watch Harry Potter online. In a nut shell the most feasible method of watching Harry Potter online is by watching it on solarmovie.sc. And in Paid methods Amazon is cheaper than Google play in terms of both buying and renting harry potter movies.


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