Game of Thrones is an 8 part series that has been a smash hit throughout the world with an IMDB rating of 9.3. Despite its disappointing end to the last season, it is still a highly popular TV series of all time. 

If you have not watched it yet, this guide discusses free and paid ways you can watch Game of Thrones in Canada or around the world.

But before streaming, read this first…

If you’re into watching Game of Thrones with one of our free methods, it is important that you use a VPN while doing so.

It keeps your IP address from being exposed to law enforcement and helps you protect your online identity. ExpressVPN is our recommended choice3 Months Free.

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ExpressVPN is our recommended choice when it comes to watching Games of Thrones in Canada as it easily bypasses its geo-restrictions and keeps your online identity safe while streaming.

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Free Options

1. Soap2day

Soap2day is a completely free streaming website. It has a wide range of movies and TV series that you can watch all day including some of the PPV events. 

However, it is safer to use this website with the help of a VPN as it has many ads and it may contain malware. A VPN will ensure your safety online

Their website is also very easy to navigate. All you need to do is connect any of the VPN servers, access the website, and watch all seasons of Game of Thrones.

Here is how you can do it,

Step 1: Subscribe to a VPN (We recommend ExpressVPN)

Step 2: Download and Install the app on your device

Step 3: Open the app and connect to any server (e.g. Sweden)

Step 4: Open the OR and type ‘Game of Thrones’ in the search box


Step 5: Select Game of Thrones from the list


Step 6: Select the Game of Thrones season you want to watch (e.g. Season 6)


Step 7: Click Play


Step 8: Enjoy watching


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2. Yesmovies


Yesmovies is another website where you can watch Game of Thrones in Canada or anywhere. Other than TV series, it has all the latest movies as well as additional content.

So you can binge-watch Game of Thrones and watch additional content like ‘Conquest and Rebellion’, which is an animated Game of Thrones movie.

Yesmovies is completely free and does not require any subscription. Simply, use a VPN (ExpressVPN is our top choice), connect to any server and enjoy streaming your favorite content.

After going through the hassle of finding free websites only a few websites provided all of the Game of Thrones seasons without too many ads or buffering. Yesmovies ticked all the boxes of the perfect free streaming website.

3. Popcorn Time


Popcorn Time is another free option that provides you with the latest movies and TV series in full HD. What you have to do is install the app and enjoy watching Game of Thrones.

They have separate categories for movies and TV shows. Each show has reviews and ratings as well. This makes the app user-friendly and easy to navigate.

However, do connect to a VPN before accessing the content on this app. The reason being, free streaming can entangle you in legal issues.

So to make sure that does not happen, surf the web safely with the help of a VPN (ExpressVPN is our #1 choice)

4. 123movies


123 movies is an underrated website but just like others, it offers plenty of movies and TV shows all completely free.

However, it is not available in many regions. Therefore, connect to a US server with a help of a VPN to instantly watch Game of Thrones in Canada.

What’s more interesting is that it takes the least time to play and there are no pop-up ads as well. Here you will not have to wait for the video to buffer.

We advise you to use a VPN because, first it is not available in many countries such as the UK, and second, a VPN will protect your privacy when surfing online.

Paid options

1. HBO Max


Game of Thrones is an HBO Max official series and therefore what better way is there than to watch the series straight from the official source.

Since it is a paid option, it does require a monthly payment of $14.99. You can cancel your subscription anytime.

Follow these simple steps to start watching Game of Thrones

  1. Connect to ExpressVPN (US Server)
  2. Create an account on HBO Max
  3. Subscribe to a payment plan
  4. Watch your favorite series

Before you start watching make sure to connect to a US server with the help of a VPN. The reason is, HBO Max is only available in the US. So, if you are in Canada, you will need a VPN.

2. Google Play


Another highly affordable option is Google Play, where you can watch all Game of Throne seasons along with additional content.

To watch all you have to do is,

  1. Go to Google Play
  2. Search the show you want to watch
  3. Tap the episode to buy or rent it

You can watch a single episode of Game of Thrones for $2.99. However, if you want to watch the whole season, you will have to pay $19.99.

One thing to keep in mind is that this service is only available for Android users. You can watch Game of Thrones on Android phones, PC, Tablets, and TVs.

If you prefer Apple then read below to find your perfect option to watch Game of Thrones.

3. iTunes


For Apple users, you can access all seasons of Game of Thrones on the iTunes store.

The pricing is identical to that of Google Play; however, iTunes now only offer HD versions which are a bit pricier than the SD version. You can buy the whole season for $24.99 while one episode costs $3.99.

To watch Game of Thrones on iTunes, follow the steps below

  1. Go to the app store or preferably the iTunes website
  2. Search the content you want to watch
  3. Select the season and episode of your choice
  4. Pay through your account
  5. Enjoy watching

Why Do You Need A VPN to Watch Game of Thrones?

Most of the free, as well as paid options, can be accessed without a VPN but we advise you to use a VPN due to the following reasons

Risk of viruses: While surfing the internet especially free streaming websites one can expose their device to viruses. A VPN will protect you when you surf the web.

Legal issues: As much as free streaming is convenient, one should not forget that it can cause some legal problems. A VPN will help you cover your real IP address and save you from this problem.

Online Privacy: When accessing such websites, one can run into the risk of exposing their personal information due to trackers. A VPN will protect your privacy when watching Game of Thrones.

Geo-restrictions: Many websites are not available in Canada. This is because the content is not licensed in Canada. To bypass these restrictions connect to a VPN.

A VPN protects you by hiding your actual IP address. When you connect to a server from another country, it protects your online privacy.

So, when you use a VPN, you will not have to worry about the risks listed above. This will improve your streaming experience.

Other Movies/Shows to Watch in Canada

Here’s a list of movies, TV Shows that you can watch in Canada for free but with the help of a VPN:

Final Words

Now you can watch Game of Thrones easily through the free and paid options we have listed above.

Make sure that you connect to a VPN to ensure no harm is done when you are streaming. To watch Game of Thrones, you just have to connect to a VPN server from another country such as the U.S.

Once you have connected, select your preferred option from this list and binge-watch Game of Thrones.

We advise you to use Soap2day simply because it is the easiest and fastest way to watch your favorite TV shows.

Soap2day is user-friendly and do not have pop-up ads. Most importantly, it streams very quickly as compared to other websites.

However, you will need to connect to a VPN because it is not available in many regions.

For paid options, we suggest you use HBO max simply because it is the official website for Game of Thrones.

You can use HBO Max simply by connecting to a VPN and subscribing to their monthly plan.

Lastly, a VPN helps in many ways as listed above, and also protects your device and identity online so you can surf the web easily.

Now you are well equipped with all the information on how to watch Game of Thrones, enjoy watching!


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