How to Watch What We Do in the Shadows [All Seasons | 2024]

Sunday, June 23, 2024


What We Do In The Shadows season 5 is coming on 13th July 2023. Canadians are impatient to know what is going on in the new season.

The before-released 4 seasons of What We Do In The Shadows got so much hype that Canadians are all ready to sit in their lounge with popcorn and enjoy season 5. Everyone regardless of the age group enjoys it and finds it interesting, not just in Canada but across the world as well. 

You don’t have to wait any longer, this guide will take you to the solution you are looking for so that you can watch What We Do In The Shadows in Canada on Hulu.

As Hulu is unavailable in Canada due to geo-restictions, ExpressVPN can help you unblock both free and premium methods to stream the show in Canada easily. 

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How to Watch What We Do In The Shadows in Canada

The release of What We Do In The Shadows season 5 has the public eagerly waiting because season 4 concluded with so much unfinished business that they can’t wait to see what happens next.

Follow the steps below to watch What We Do In The Shadows in Canada:

Step 1: Subscribe to a reliable VPN service (ExpressVPN is our recommended choice)

Step 2: Download the ExpressVPN app and install it on your device

Step 3: Connect the VPN to the United States server (i.e. New York)


Step 4: Go to the Hulu website and click on sign-in


Step 5: Enter your credentials and sign in


Step 6: Click Watch


Step 7: Select the Season/Episode


Step 8: Start streaming!


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2 Ways to Watch What We Do In The Shadows in Canada

The most reliable free and paid ways to watch What We Do In The Shadows in Canada are mentioned below; select the one that works best for you.

1. Hulu


Hulu Live TV is the best paid service to stream What We Do In The Shadows season 5 when it releases. 

Its live TV subscription is available for $7.99 per month. And upon subscribing to this package, you get access to 90+ channels and a huge library of shows, seasons, movies, and a lot of other interesting content. 

However, you will need a VPN as Hulu is unavailable in Canada due to geo-restrictions. We recommend using ExpressVPN.

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watch-what-we-do-in-the-shadows-on-cataz is our suggested free website to watch all season of What We Do In The Shadows. On, there are no commercial breaks while you are watching What We Do In The Shadows.

Given that this site offers free streaming, it is advised that you use a reliable VPN to hide your identity from ISPs. Our top recommendation is ExpressVPN.

How to Watch We Do In The Shadows in Canada on Smartphone

Follow the steps to stream the show on your mobile device.

Step 1: Open the ExpressVPN app and connect to a US server

Step 2: Download the Cinema HD APK


Step 3: Install it on your phone


Step 4: Open the application


Step 5: You will be directed to its homepage 


Step 6: Search for What We Do In The Shadows season 5


Step 7: Choose the suitable option


Step 8: Select a season

how-to-watch-what-we-do-in-the-shadows-season-4-in-canada-8 (1)

Step 9: Choose an episode


Step 10: Choose a player


Step 11: Click on “Play


Step 12: Enjoy Streaming!


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Cast of What We Do In the Shadows Season 5

Most of the cast will be returning for What We Do in the Shadows Season 5. The list includes:

  • Matt Berry as Leslie “Laszlo” Cravensworth
  • Natasia Demetriou as Nadja
  • Kayvan Novak as Nandor the Relentless
  • Mark Proksch as Colin Robinson
  • Harvey Guillén as Guillermo de la Cruz
  • Nick Kroll as Simon the Devious
  • Kirsten Schaal as the Vampire Council guide
  • Doug Jones as The Baron

Other Shows to Watch in Canada

Here is a list of some more interesting shows that you can binge-watch.

FAQs – What We Do In The Shadows

How did Nandor become a vampire?

He turned into a vampire during one of his marriages. He acquired the rare skills of pyrokinesis and the capacity to evaporate.

Is Baron from What We Do In The Shadows dead?

The Baron miraculously survived in his grave, feeding on the yard’s blood-stained soil. He tried to make his way out after regaining some strength, but he was unable to do so because he had only one limb left. Colin did hear his calls for rescue but didn’t realize it was the Baron.

What origin is Nadja of What We Do In The Shadows from?

The almost 500-year-old vampire Nadja of Antipaxos is of Greek and Romani descent. She appears as one of the important characters in What We Do in the Shadows.


What We Do in the Shadows is an interesting show with a documentary style format about hundred year old vampires living together and their daily life. The show is immensely popular and as the release date of its fifth season approaching, the fans are excited more than ever!

You can watch What We Do in the Shadows in Canada on Hulu. We have also mentioned how you can watch the show for free in Canada. 

Unfortunately, Hulu isn’t available in Canada and you will need to connect to a VPN to get access. We recommend using ExpressVPN because it is reliable and gives access to restricted content without hassle.


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