How to Watch Braveheart in Canada [Free & Premium | 2024]

Wednesday, April 17, 2024


Braveheart is a historical drama movie released in 1995, and to this day, the film is a classic masterpiece and one of the top 25 movies ever made. 

The movie is about William Wallace, a medieval Scottish patriot who led his army into battles against King Edward I

You can watch Braveheart in Canada on Max and Hulu, but you must connect to a VPN because the services are unavailable in Canada. 

We recommend using ExpressVPN to help bypass geo-restrictions and keep you safe. However, if you are looking for a free method, we have mentioned it below. 

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How to Watch Braveheart in Canada

Here is a step-by-step guide on watching Braveheart in Canada on Max. However, since Max isn’t available in Canada, connecting to a reliable VPN is necessary. 

Follow the steps below to watch Braveheart in Canada:

Step 1: Subscribe to a reliable VPN connection (ExpressVPN is our #1 choice)

Step 2: Download the ExpressVPN app and install it on your device

Step 3: Open the VPN app and connect to a US server (i.e., New Jersey)


Step 4: Visit Max’s website and click on “Sign In” OR “Sign Up” to create an account 


Step 5: Choose a plan


Step 6: Enter your information 


Step 7: Enter your credentials


Step 8:  Search for “Braveheart”


Step 9: Enjoy Streaming!


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3 Ways to Watch Braveheart in Canada

Below are the three best ways to stream Braveheart in Canada. However, some streaming services are unavailable in Canada, so connecting to a reliable VPN is necessary.

1. Max (Premium)


Max, formerly known as HBO Max, is an American subscription-based video-on-demand streaming service. 

Braveheart is available to stream on Max; the only slight issue is that Max is geo-restricted outside the US, and the only way to access it in Canada is with the help of a VPN. ExpressVPN is recommended to unblock the service.

You can subscribe to Max’s “Ad-Lite” plan for $9.99 monthly, the “Ad Free” plan for $15.99 monthly, and the “Ultimate Ad Free” plan for $19.99 per month with a few additional features.

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2. Hulu (Premium)


Hulu is an American subscription-based streaming service where you can watch movies and TV shows live and on demand. 

Hulu has Braveheart in its content library, but since Hulu is US-based, it is unavailable in Canada. However, there is no need to worry because you can access the service in Canada with the help of a reliable VPN

We recommend using ExpressVPN because it is one of the most reliable VPN services and unblocks restricted services without hassle. 

You can subscribe to Hulu for $7.99/month and stream other Hulu Originals, movies, and TV series.

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3. (Free)

watch-braveheart-in-canada-cataz is a free streaming site to watch all the latest movies, TV shows, and documentaries.  

However, does not have official broadcasting rights to Braveheart and is still an ad-supported site, making it unreliable. 

We suggest using a VPN like ExpressVPN because it has amazing security features that protect you and your device from viruses and malware. 

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Who is in the cast of Braveheart?

Braveheart is a highly-regarded historical drama and is one of the best movies ever made with a great plot and cast. Braveheart has an 8.3 IMDb rating and is liked by 91% of Google users.

The cast of Braveheart includes:

  • Mel Gibson as William Wallace
  • Sophie Marceau as Princess Isabelle
  • Patrick McGoohan as Longshanks – King Edward I
  • Angus Macfadyen as Robert the Bruce (as Angus McFadyen)
  • James Robinson as Young William
  • Sean Lawlor as Malcolm Wallace
  • Sandy Nelson as John Wallace
  • James Cosmo as Campbell
  • Sean McGinley as MacClannough
  • Alan Tall as Elder Stewart
  • Andrew Weir as Young Hamish
  • Gerda Stevenson as Mother MacClannough
  • Ralph Riach as Priest No. 1
  • Mhairi Calvey as Young Murron
  • Brian Cox as Argyle Wallace
  • Peter Hanly as Prince Edward
  • Stephen Billington as Phillip
  • Barry McGovern as King’s Advisor

What is the Plot of Braveheart?

Braveheart is a 1995 American epic historical drama movie that follows the story of Sir William Wallace, a late-13th-century Scottish warrior.

He leads an uprising against the cruel English ruler Edward the Longshanks, who wishes to rule Scotland.

He wanted to free Scotland from the rule of Edward because many people lost their lives because of him. William Wallace began his long journey to make Scotland free once and for all, along with the assistance of Robert the Bruce.

How to Watch Braveheart on Mobile in Canada

Follow the steps below to watch Braveheart on mobile in Canada:

Step 1: Subscribe to ExpressVPN and connect to a US server (i.e., New Jersey)


Step 2: Visit OR on your mobile browser


Step 3: Search for “Braveheart” and click on it

watch-braveheart-in-canada-mobile-3Step 4: Click on “Watch Now”


Step 5: Enjoy streaming!


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FAQs –  Braveheart

Is Braveheart based on a true story?

Braveheart is an epic historical film loosely based on the story of 13th-century Scottish leader William Wallace.

How many Oscars did Braveheart win?

Braveheart won five Oscars, including Best Picture, Best Director for Gibson, Best Cinematography, Best Sound Effects Editing, and Best Makeup.

Can I use a free VPN to stream Braveheart in Canada?

We do not advise using a free VPN to stream Braveheart because free VPNs are usually unreliable and can harm your device and jeopardize your privacy. 


Braveheart is a movie you don’t want to miss out on because even after years of the film coming out, it is still one of the best. 

You can watch Braveheart in Canada on Max and Hulu. If you want a budget-friendly method, we have mentioned one above. 

However, using a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN is necessary with both methods to help bypass geo-restrictions and keep you safe and secure on the internet.


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