How to Watch UK Channels in Canada (2024)

Wednesday, April 17, 2024


UK channels are in great demand across Canada. Cannucks are deeply into British TV content due to their different and wide variety of genres. 

UK channels like BBC, ITV, Sky UK, Channel 5, etc. are some of the most-watched and popular entertainment channels in the United Kingdom.

However, most of the UK streaming services are geo-restricted and only accessible to the British audience. However, you can access UK channels in Canada with the help of a reliable VPN. 

And for you, we have shortlisted a few ways to watch UK Channels in Canada as I was able to unblock all of those services with the help of ExpressVPN.

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How to Watch UK Channels in Canada

There are plenty of ways you can watch UK Channels in Canada which we will be discussing below. The following steps that we will be discussing are for RapidStreamz.

Step 1: Step to a reliable VPN service (i.e ExpressVPN)

Step 2: Download the ExpressVPN app and install it on your device

Step 3: Now connect your VPN to the Costa Rica server

Step 4: Install the Rapid Streamz APK from this link in your android


Step 5: Select the UK TV from the given countries option


Step 6: Select the channel you want to watch


Step 7: Choose the player on which you will stream the video


Step 8: Enjoy watching the live broadcast


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14 Best Ways to Watch UK Channels in Canada

Don’t fret if you think you can’t access the UK TV content while you are traveling to Canada, you sure can. We have compiled a list of some best UK Channels that are only accessible to the British audience but can be unblocked in Canada with the help of a VPN.

Some of those channels are: 

  1. RapidStreamz (100+ Channels Free)
  2. OKLive TV (150+ Channels Free)
  3. BBC iPlayer 
  4. UKTV Play
  5. Channel 5
  6. ITV
  7. Sky UK
  8. Absolute Radio
  9. Channel 4
  10. Freeview
  11. TV Player
  12. BFI Player
  13. STV Player
  14. Quest TV

1. RapidStreamz (100+ Channels Free)


RapidStreamz is an android application that offers you a large collection of UK Channels that you can watch in Canada. Once you select a channel to watch you can stream the Live ongoing shows of that specific channel.

Not just UK Channels, but RapidStreamz provides access to Australian, American, Korean, Pakistani, Turkish, etc. content as well. You just need to connect to the respective country’s server over ExpressVPN.

2. OKLive TV (150+ Channels Free)


Just like RapidStreamz, OKLive TV also offers channels from various countries for free including UK Channels. You can watch the content of your choice on any channel you tune in to, for example, ITV Live, Euronews English Live, RT UK Live, etc.

Aside from UK Channels, you can also watch US Channels, German Channels, Italy Channels, etc. on OKLive TV. But don’t forget to use ExpressVPN as the OKLive TV site is free.

3. BBC iPlayer


BBC iPlayer is an English network famous for its live broadcast, news, sports, and entertainment. It’s a great source of UK Television that you can access in Canada. 

It gives you a wide range of shows to watch and kills your boredom. BBC iPlayer provides you with worldly news and lets you watch sports, comedy and cartoon shows, and other entertainment programs to watch. But you will need a VPN to access it if you are watching from Canada (such as ExpressVPN).

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4. UKTV Play


UKTV Play is one of the best free-to-air channels in the United Kingdom, no wonder why it is so much in demand by people from all over the world.

Drama, comedy, documentaries, or anything that comes under the genre of entertainment, you can watch on UKTV Play. Hence you can have a really good time with UKTV Play. The only issue that people have to face is, that it is not available outside the United Kingdom. But don’t worry, when you have ExpressVPN (our recommendation), you can still access it, no matter where you are residing.

It allows you to watch all of your favorite shows, regardless of the genre, without paying for them. You just have to sign up/register yourself to access all the content.

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5. Channel 5


Channel 5 is another free UK service. It suggests the most trending shows to watch, and you can even decide by the categories what would you like to watch. Like, as criminal shows, kids’ shows, comedies, movies, etc.

With the vast variety of content, boredom is out of the question. The only thing that can bother a lot of users is that it is geo-restricted outside of the UK. But no need to worry, because VPN (ExpressVPN is our recommended choice) is the smart way to access it outside of the UK.

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6. ITV


ITV is another one of the most demanded streaming services for the British audience. It provides you with the most popular movies and seasons, other than news and lives shows to spend your free time full of entertainment. 

ITV is a free service, you just need to register your account to access its content. However, if you want access to ITV Hub+ there are subscription charges for it ($3.99/month). ITV premium service offers you ad-free content and lets you download the shows to watch offline.

Although it is restricted in Canada, don’t fret as you can still access it using ExpressVPN, which we usually recommend.

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7. Sky UK


Sky TV is a UK-based premium streaming service. It offers a variety of movies and seasons to kill your boredom. It also provides broadband internet services to the residents other than its television services and is considered the largest pay-TV broadcaster all across the UK.

As Sky TV is a premium service, you will need to buy its subscription package ($26/month) and then you will be able to watch your favorite shows without any restriction. 

Yes, it is restricted in Canada, but it’s no problem because you can still access it using ExpressVPN, which we always recommend.

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8. Channel 4


Channel 4 or All4 is a UK on-demand streaming service that offers Live TV, series, reality shows, movies, etc. for free, but requires a sign-up to stream its content without restrictions.

You can watch all the famous UK shows on Channel 4 in Canada by connecting to the UK server over a reliable VPN. We recommend ExpressVPN.

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9. Freeview


Freeview, as the name suggests, is a free UK streaming service that offers a platform to other UK Channels, meaning, it offers a huge variety of content in one place from different UK Channels, e.g. BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, Channel 4, etc.

Freeview is like a single platform that can direct you to other UK Channels and their content so that you won’t have to go search for them separately.

But of course, to watch Freeview in Canada, you will be needing a VPN connection to connect to the UK server. We highly recommend ExpressVPN.

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10. TVPlayer


TVPlayer is the sole location to enjoy live TV and on-demand channels, which is only accessible in the UK. Using a VPN, you can access TVPlayer in Canada.

Channels like ITV, All4 My 5, and others are all available on TVPlayer, thus by connecting to ExpressVPN, you may watch the programming of such channels on TVPlayer in Canada.

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11. BFI Player


BFI Player is a well-known streaming service where you can watch top-rated films and television shows for free, although it is only available in the UK.

Using a VPN, you may access BFI Player in Canada (ExpressVPN is our recommended choice). BFI is primarily a free service, but if you want to access some premium movies, you’ll need to subscribe, which will run you about £4.99 each month.

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12. STV Player


STV Player is one of the most popular free video-on-demand providers in the UK. It offers a complete package to its viewers by airing entertainment programs, films, and seasons with real-time news about sports, current affairs, and other topics.

You have two options: sign up for a basic account and have access to all of the content, or choose the STV Player VIP pass, which will make streaming more convenient and enjoyable.

However, you will need ExpressVPN to unblock STV Player in Canada as it is only available in the United Kingdom.

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13. Quest TV


Quest TV is the free 24-hour broadcast network that is currently a subsidiary of the streaming service Discovery+. You may watch a live stream of Quest TV by just creating a free account.

Only the UK region has access to Quest TV, and using a VPN is the only method to access it from Canada. We prefer ExpressVPN.

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14. Absolute Radio


Absolute Radio is a UK-based free radio station that offers music, podcasts, news, etc. That comes in handy for individuals with busy lives, as they can listen to the news on their way to work, and music and podcasts can help in keeping the focus intact during work.

It is not available to the Canadian audience that’s why you will need a VPN to unblock it in Canada (ExpressVPN).

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Watch Other Countries Channel in Canada

Apart from UK channels in Canada, you can also unblock content from other countries in Canada too with the help of a VPN. Here is a few of those:

FAQs – UK Channels

Is ITV for free?

ITV is a free UK streaming service and only requires a signup to watch the shows, but there’s a premium service to it as well named ITV Hub+ that requires a paid subscription.

Is BBC iPlayer free on TV?

You will need a TV license to download or watch BBC programs even if you access them with other network providers, like, Freeview, Freesat, YouView


As the UK TV content has a diverse variety in its genre, it is always in demand in countries outside the UK, for example in Canada. And considering the demand of the audience, we have compiled some easy ways in the form of some streaming services that you can unblock while you are in Canada and kill your boredom.

In order to watch UK channels in Canada, you will need a VPN (i.e. ExpressVPN) to watch the shows. For the few of those channels, you will have to buy their subscription and some only need free registration, choose whichever suits you best.


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