How to Watch French Channels in Canada (March 2024)

Saturday, March 2, 2024


One of the most popular demands in Canada now is to watch French channels due to their uniqueness and different storylines. 

French channels like TF1, France 2, France 3, Arte, France Ô, and Franceinfo are some of the most popular and binge-watching entertainment channels in France.

But due to geo-restrictions, many French streaming services and channels are blocked and only accessible in France. But with the help of a VPN, we’ve compiled a list of ways to watch French TV Channels in Canada. ExpressVPN is our recommended choice.

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How to Watch French Channels in Canada

There are plenty of ways by which you can watch French Channels in Canada which we have discussed in the next section below. But here we are showing you steps to watch French TV through Rapid Streamz which is a free mobile app.

Follow these steps and make sure to connect to a VPN service:

Step 1: Subscribe to a good VPN service (ExpressVPN is our #1 choice)

Step 2: Download and Install the ExpressVPN app on your preferred device

Step 3: Now open the VPN app and connect to the France server


Step 4: Download Rapid Streamz APK on your phone


Step 5: Install the app now


Step 6: Choose a country you want to tune in to, i.e. France


Step 7: Select a channel you want to watch


Step 8: Now select a player you want to stream on. Always select MX Player


Step 9: Now you can stream the live broadcast of the selected show


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7 Best Ways to Watch French Channels in Canada

For Canucks to watch French TV Channels in Canada, we have compiled a list of some great streaming services that are only available in France but can be accessed in Canada with the help of a VPN.

Some of these French streaming services are:

  1. Rapid Streamz
  2. OKLive TV
  3. BFM
  4. France 24
  5. Arte TV
  6. Canal+
  7. Netflix
  8. France 3
  9. France 5

1. Rapid Streamz


RapidStreamz is an android app that provides you with access to a variety of French Channels available in Canada. You can stream the Live ongoing shows of a particular channel after choosing one to watch.

In addition to French Channels, RapidStreamz also offers access to content in English, Korean, Pakistani, Turkish, Australian, and the United States. Simply use ExpressVPN to connect to the server for that region.

2. OKLive TV


Similar to RapidStreamz, OKLive TV provides free access to channels from several nations, including French Channels. Any channel you choose to tune into, such as Canal+, Gong TV Live, TMC, RTC Live, etc., will allow you to watch the programming of your choosing.

On OKLive TV, in addition to French channels, you can also watch UK, US, German, Italian, and other channels. Although the OKLive TV website is free, don’t forget to utilize ExpressVPN.

3. France 24


France24 is specifically created for people living outside of France. Its goal is to cover news all around the world.

This channel is available in French, English, Arabic, and Spanish languages. It is free streaming that can be downloaded on any of your devices. Besides you can access it on your desktop’s browser as well for free. 



BFM TV is a free French TV channel dedicated solely to news and weather updates. It is one of the most-watched French news tv channels and can be watched from anywhere online. 

This TV offers to broadcast a range of programs covering news, economy, sports, technology, travel, music, politics, and business. But to access it in Canada, you will need a VPN (ExpressVPN is our recommended choice).

It has a vast variety of podcasts, France radio signals, news videos, some international ongoing updates, and much more all in the French language. You can enjoy the news without paying or subscribing to any package. 

5. Arte TV


Arte TV is a France-German network famous for its shows and movies. It’s another way for you to stream French Television.

It has a vast variety of shows for you to enjoy. Arte gives you documentaries, web series, reportage, and concerts to watch. But you will need a VPN to access it if you are trying to access it in Canada (ExpressVPN is our #1 choice)

Its Public Service Channels, you can watch all of their programs for free without worrying about subscription deals. You can even download different shows and watch them while you are offline.

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6. Canal+


My canal is an extension service of canal+. This premium television channel offers a variety of French shows and movies to watch.

You can use Canal+ by subscribing to their different subscription packages. From sports to nail-biting series all are available on my canal.

For someone who loves to watch French news in a hilarious way, this channel is the best provider. Once you subscribe to their package you can stream any French show of your choice.

Although it is restricted in Canada, you can still access it during Express VPN, that is our Number. 1 choice.

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7. Netflix France


If you have a Netflix subscription you can watch many French movies and TV series very easily. But you would need a VPN to connect to the France server so you can get the French library of Netflix.

A monthly subscription for Netflix is $8.99/month (basic) and $17.99 (premium). You can use four screens at a time with this package.

Netflix France can’t be accessed in Canada due to geo-restriction, but you can still watch your favorite shows on it using a VPN (ExpressVPN is our recommended choice).

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France 3


France 3 is the second-most popular French free-to-air channel available on the free-to-use service. You can watch the news, regional and international programming, motion pictures, documentaries, kids’ channels, and much more with France 3.

Sadly, France 3 is only accessible in the home country. Only a trustworthy VPN (ExpressVPN) and a connection to the French server will let Canadians watch France 3 legally.

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France 5


France 5 is one of the France Television group channels available for free streaming. La Cinquième, the channel’s previous name, was changed to France 5 in 2002 once it joined the France Television Group.

Only residents of France can access the free-to-air network, where they can watch France 5. Only a trustworthy VPN and a connection to the French server will let Canadians watch France 5 legally.

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Watch Other Country’s Channels in Canada

Apart from French channels, you can watch other countries’ channels and websites in Canada with the help of a VPN. Here’s a list of the few countries that you can look into:

FAQs – French Channels

What Can I Watch on French Television?

You can view hundreds of French TV episodes after you set up a VPN and access a server in France. Netflix is the most exemplary streaming service for viewing French television series with English titles and sound

And here’s a list of the best French TV programs to watch:

  • Astrid et Raphaelle
  • Le Voyageur
  • Parlement
  • Sauver Notre-Dame
  • Plus belle la vie
  • Tropiques Criminels
  • Fort Boyard
  • Stalk
  • C Politique

Where can I find French shows on Netflix Canada?

All Netflix original programs and movies have a French audio option and watch with French and English captions options too.

Or you can choose the French language from the default language setting.

If you want to watch live TV, TV5Monde is the site to go to since you can watch it with English subtitle


With the passing of time, the demand for French channels in Canada has been increasing so we have compiled a list of streaming services that offer the best channels for you to watch.

Some channels are available with a VPN (ExpressVPN is our recommended choice) while some luckily can be streamed without a VPN. By following the above article you can enjoy your French shows while sitting in Canada.

You can further as for help or queries in the comments. Enjoy watching!


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