How to Watch Succession in Canada [Free & Premium – All Seasons | 2023]

Thursday, December 7, 2023


Succession is an American satirical comedy-drama television series that centers around the Roy family, which owns the world’s largest media and entertainment company.

HBO’s original series, Succession is about the struggle of who will take over the company after the family’s patriarch. The show has four seasons and the fifth and last season is in the works.

You can watch Succession in Canada on Crave and HBO Max. Crave is available in Canada, however, HBO is not. We have also mentioned a free service in this guide to stream the series.

You will require a VPN if you are streaming through HBO Max as the service is only accessible in the US. When using the free service, a VPN is necessary to keep your connection secure. ExpressVPN is our top choice

Our Recommended VPN – ExpressVPN


ExpressVPN is our #1 choice to watch Succession in Canada because it keeps your online identity safe while streaming on the free platform and bypasses HBO Max’s geo-restrictions. 

Get ExpressVPN and receive three extra months for free. You will also get a 30-day money-back guarantee to use its features risk-free for 30 days.

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How to Watch Succession in Canada on Crave

You can watch Succession in Canada on Crave without connecting to a VPN, as Crave is a Canadian subscription service.

Follow the steps to watch Succession in Canada.

Step 1: Go to Crave website and click on Subscribe 


Step 2: Click on Subscribe now 


Step 3: Enter your credentials 


Step 4: Enter password 


Step 5: Create your profile 


Step 6: Choose your plan 


Step 7: Choose your payment method and confirm your order 


Step 8: Now go back to home and search for Succession 


Step 9: Choose any season/episode 


Step 10: Start streaming!


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3 Ways to Watch Succession in Canada

These are the three best ways to watch Succession in Canada. Make sure to connect a reliable VPN to stream any show without risk.

1. Crave 

Crave Canada

Crave is a Canada-based VOD subscription service. The service has direct competition from other over-the-top streaming providers that are available in Canada and need a membership. 

Crave has all four seasons of Succession. You can also stream other series on Crave, including The Last of Us, Friends, and more. 

You can get Crave for CAD $19.99 per month and enjoy streaming all seasons of Succession and other shows in Canada without any issue.

2. HBO Max


Max is an online streaming service that provides a wide range of content. HBO Max has it all, from amazing dramas to binge-worthy comedy shows, award-winning documentaries and films. 

A basic HBO Max membership with ads costs $9.99 per month, while the add-free plan costs $15.99 per month. Sign up for the streaming service to watch Succession in Canada. 

However, Max is unavailable in Canada. Get ExpressVPN to bypass geo-restrictions and watch the series on Max.

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3. offers all four seasons of Succession for free worldwide. This streaming platform is not a recognized way to watch series and films as it does not have a license to stream. 

Because it is an unofficial streaming service, we strongly suggest signing up for a trusted VPN such as  ExpressVPN which helps keep your streaming activities hidden from your ISP. 

Who is in The Cast of Succession?

The following names are the cast of the most-liked series, Succession.

  • Nicholas Braun as Greg Hirsch
  • Brian Cox as Logan Roy
  • Kieran Culkin as Roman Roy
  • Peter Friedman as Frank Vernon
  • Alan Ruck as Connor Roy
  • Sarah Snook as Shiv Roy
  • Jeremy Strong as Kendall Roy
  • Hiam Abbass as Marcia Roy
  • Fisher Stevens as Hugo Baker
  • Juliana Canfield as Jess Jordan

What is Succession About?

Succession is an American series that consists of four seasons. The series follows the Roy family, which owns the New York City-based media company. When Logan Roy experiences a decline in health, the power struggle for the company’s ownership begins.

The family members’ lack of morality is revealed at every point as they battle for control over the business. They come to know that no one associated with the family possesses a redeemable character as the story unfolds.

How to Watch Succession in Canada on Mobile?

If you wish to enjoy Succession on your phone for free, we recommend the browser method. Connecting the VPN to hide your online identity from the ISPs would be best as it is an unofficial way to stream the series. 

Follow the steps to watch Succession in Canada on mobile.

Step 1: Download and install a reliable VPN, ExpressVPN.

Step 2: Open the VPN and connect it to a US server 


Step 3: Go to OR 


Step 4: Search for the series, Succession 


Step 5: Choose any season/episode 


Step 6: Start streaming!


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FAQ’s – Succession

Is Succession available on Netflix or Prime Video?

No, Succession is currently not available on Netflix and Prime. It is an HBO Max original.

Where did the filming of Succession take place?

The filming of HBO Max’s original series, Succession took place in New York.

Is Succession available on Hulu?

Yes, you can watch Succession on Hulu with HBO Max’s add-on. 


Succession is a MAX original comedy-drama series about Roy Family who owns a media conglomerate in New York. 

You can watch Succession in Canada on premium streaming platforms, including Crave Canada and Max

You will require a reliable VPN if you are streaming the series with Max and for safe streaming if you are using the free method mentioned above.

ExpressVPN is recommended because it helps to hide your streaming activity from the ISPs.


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