The countdown for the start of the 2023 AFL season has begun. Geelong Football Club will be defending the title this year. This guide will show you some of the best free and premium ways to watch AFL in Canada.

Get ready for the 2023 Australian Football League which is its 127th season. This highest-level Australian football competition started on 16th March and run till 30th September. 

The Australian Football League (AFL) will include eighteen clubs this season, containing a record 23 games long duration out of which only the top eight clubs will play the final series. Geelong Football Club will enter as the defending champions this season. 

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How to Watch AFL in Canada for Free

First and foremost we will discuss a free method to view all the live matches of AFL in Canada. The method involves a free streaming website that will enable you to watch AFL on your device.

Now follow these steps:

Step 1: Subscribe to a reliable VPN connection (ExpressVPN is our #1 choice)

Step 2: Now download the ExpressVPN app and then install it on your device

Step 3: Open the VPN app and then connect to the US server 


Step 4: Open the website and select your AFL match


Step 5: Now press the streaming link i.e. STREAMEAST


Step 6: Hit the Play button and then start streaming


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7 Best Ways to Watch AFL in Canada (Free + Premium)

You can follow the 2023 season of AFL in Canada by using various methods. We have tried to mention only the best and easiest of these ways. Let’s then read all of these free and paid methods in detail to stream live AFL in Canada.

1. (Free)

watch-afl-with-live-tv is what we recommend if you are looking for a free method to watch live streaming of AFL matches in Canada. Though the website is ad-supported, the one thing that makes it popular among users is that it does not require any Sign-Up

Since Live TV is a free website, we strictly advise you to use a strong VPN connection like ExpressVPN to hide your streaming activity from ISPs.

2. Watch AFL Global (Paid)


AFL fans living outside Australia can also use AFL Global Pass which is the official subscription service for all international users. If you have missed any of the AFL content then you can also avail of its On-Demand service.

AFL Global Pass also offers a 24/7 TV channel service that is only dedicated to AFL. Fans from Canada can Watch AFL using this official platform to watch every AFL match by choosing any of its weekly, monthly, or yearly passes with prices of AUD $20, AUD $39, and AUD $199 respectively.

Unfortunately, Watch AFL is geo-restricted in Canada and is only available in Australia. Therefore, you would need to use a VPN (i.e. ExpressVPN) to bypass its geo-restriction.

3. TSN (Paid)


For all those Canadian fans of AFL who want to enjoy free streaming of its matches, here is another easy way for you. TSN is Canada’s leading Sports network and you can watch two weekly AFL matches on TSN2

Subscribers of TSN can also view their matches live and on-demand on the network through its website  and also on its mobile app.

4. Channel 7 (Free)


Australia’s top national broadcast network Channel 7 is free to air within Australia and shows four AFL matches per week for the users. These matches are available on Channel 7’s Live TV via live stream on its app or website.

However, currently, Channel 7 only has the right to broadcast AFLW matches and will only show the finals of men’s AFL. The main thing is, how can you access all these matches from Canada? The simple answer to this is VPN.

As the channel has established restrictions on its content, viewers from outside Australia must use a VPN connection (such as ExpressVPN) to overcome any geo-restrictions.

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5. Foxtel Now (Paid)


Foxtel Now is an Australian subscription service that enables you to watch AFL matches by simply signing up. After getting the Foxtel Now or Foxtel iQ4 subscription users can watch 24/7 FOX FOOTY.

All they have to do is subscribe to the Foxtel base pack and also add the Sport pack to it.
New users will also enjoy a 10-day free trial by getting Foxtel Now.

Since the service is only accessible to the residents of Australia, therefore you must use a VPN like ExpressVPN to watch it freely without any limitations.

6. Kayo Sports (Paid)


Kayo Sports is another great option for watching the upcoming 2023 AFL season. This is an Australian sports streaming service that will broadcast Live AFL matches and you can see the complete schedule on the Kayo website.

Kayo Sports content is geo-blocked, so to seamlessly watch AFL on Kayo you must use a VPN connection like ExpressVPN to surpass restrictions.

Kayo Sports’ Basic plan is worth $27.50/month, whereas the Premium plan will cost you $35/mth and the new users will also get a 14-day free trial.

7. Fox Footy (Paid)


Fox Footy is a subscription-based TV channel that streams Australian rules football for the fans. The subscription to Fox Footy is unavailable independently rather you can access it through Foxtel and Optus Television.

All AFLW games are available live on the channel. Whereas, users can also access all AFL men’s games except the Grand Final which might be a delayed broadcast. Apart from that, Kayo Sports also provides FOX FOOTY.

To stream the channel in Canada, you have to use a VPN (i.e. ExpressVPN) to unlock restricted content.

Why Do We Need a VPN for AFL Live Streaming?

As we have discussed above, some streaming services are restricted and unavailable in Canada. Many readers might be thinking about what that means, and why is it so.

Let’s talk about AFL here. As we know that AFL is an Australian Football League and certain Australian streaming networks or companies have got the rights to broadcast live AFL matches within the country. 

But sometimes they don’t get permission to display their content overseas and require a relevant license to do so. When a company doesn’t get the license to stream its content in a specific region, it simply then restricts the whole platform.

Just like NBC Sports, Fox Sports, and a few other streaming services, which are blocked in Canada and require a VPN to operate within the country’s premises.

A Virtual Private Network or VPN like ExpressVPN uses particular private servers to hide the original IP address of its users and provides you with a fake one according to your location.  

After connecting to a Canadian server on a VPN, you can easily disguise the IP address of your country to a Canadian IP. In this way, the streaming service will believe that you’re reaching it from within Canada.

How to Watch AFL in Canada on Mobile Phone

Stream AFL in Canada on a mobile phone by using any free streaming websites or premium apps that we have also mentioned above in our list. Below is another easy method that you can use to watch AFL matches on your mobile:

Step 1: Subscribe to ExpressVPN and connect to the US server

Step 2: Download Rapid Streamz APK and install the app on your mobile


Step 3: Now click Continue


Step 4: Go to the Sports TV option


Step 5: Select Fox Sports from here


Step 6: Choose your match from here and then go to MX Player


Step 7: Start your streaming now!

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Australian Football League Schedule 2023

Australian Football League fans are eagerly waiting for the upcoming season which will commence in March 2023.

Here is the schedule of AFL Preliminary-Final matches, have a look:

S. No Matches Date Time
1 Collingwood vs GWS Giants 09/22 5:50 am
2 Brisbane vs Carlton 09/23 3:15 am

What Other Sports Can You Watch In Canada

Just like AFL, you can also watch plenty of other sports live on your device. Below are some alternative sporting events other than AFL that you can watch in Canada:

FAQs – AFL In Canada

Is AFL popular in other countries?

Yes, AFL is extremely popular in countries like Australia, Nauru, and Papua New Guinea. But that doesn’t mean that other countries don’t watch the sport at all. Many people also follow AFL matches from other countries like Canada, UK, and the US.

Is AFL bigger than NFL?

The Australian Football League is considered the biggest sporting event in Australia and has a serious fan following. AFL is also the fourth-leading domestic sports league in the world according to its attendance.

Whereas, NFL or American Football is considered the number one domestic league in the world.

Where can I watch AFL in Toronto? 

The Sports Network (TSN) is considered one of Canada’s top sports channels. It broadcasts a number of games, you can also catch two games of AFL every week on TSN.

Can I watch AFL with a VPN?

Yes, it is best to use a VPN before watching AFL, especially from outside Australia as it is a geo-located service. 

Are there any specific AFL matches available on 7plus?

Unfortunately, Channel 7 has only got the rights to stream the finals of men’s AFL. However, the channel will show the full broadcast of all AFLW matches.

Final Thoughts

This guide has mentioned some of the top streaming options to catch the live action of the upcoming AFL Season 2023 in Canada. We have discussed plenty of free methods that you can use to watch AFL in Canada that users might find interesting.

At the same time, we have also mentioned some well-known paid services that you can use. However, we always emphasize using a reliable VPN connection before using these services so that you can enjoy a smooth streaming experience without any security threats and malware.

Moreover, the VPN will also remove all geo-restrictions upon the content so that users browse anything on the internet. ExpressVPN is a premium service that is the best choice if you don’t want to miss a single moment of the game.


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