How to Watch Wild Isles in Canada for Free [2024]

Sunday, July 14, 2024


Wild Isles is a documentary about wildlife and their natural habitats. It’s been shooting for three years in which Sir David Attenborough has talked about all three habitats, woodland, grassland, and freshwater, separately.

In this documentary, Sir David highlights some of the world’s most stunning environments as he explores the beauty of the British and Irish islands.

BBC iPlayer is a free-to-air British streaming service where you can watch Wild Isles in Canada.

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How to Watch Wild Isles in Canada

Wild Isles is a landmark history series that features the natural habitats of wild animals. You can watch Wild Isles in Canada for free with BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer is completely free but you would be required to create a free account. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Subscribe to a VPN service, i.e. ExpressVPN

Step 2: Download and install ExpressVPN on your device

Step 3: Open the VPN app and connect to the UK server, i.e. Docklands


Step 4: Go to the BBC iPlayer website and click on “sign in


Step 5: Click on “Register Now


Step 6: Select your age group


Step 7: Enter your Date of Birth


Step 8: Add the required information


Step 9: Search for “Wild Isles


Step 10: Choose a suitable option


Step 11: Select a season and episode


Step 12: Click on the play button


Step 13: Start streaming


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How to Watch Wild Isles on Mobile in Canada

Step 1: Subscribe to ExpressVPN and connect to the UK server


Step 2: Download and Install BBC iPlayer APK


Step 3: Open the app and click on sign in


Step 4: Now search for Wild Isles


Step 5: Choose a suitable option


Step 6: Choose a season and episode


Step 7: Click on “start watching


Step 8: Start streaming


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Alternate Shows to Watch in Canada

Other than Wild Isles, you can watch the following shows in Canada as well:

Top Gear is a British TV show where hosts discuss the specifications of cars and bikes and critically analyze if they come up with what their manufacturers claim.

Family Guy is an American animated sitcom featuring Griffin Family who lives in an imaginary town named Quahog as they exploit it to create humor.

The Crown is a British Tv series that revolves around the monarch of Queen Elizabeth from the time she took the throne till the early 2000s. It has a total of 5 seasons with 6th scheduled to be released soon.

Downtown Abbey is a six-season British history television program with its early 20th-century England setting. The show depicts the Crawley family’s and their staff’s daily lives.

True Story is a Netflix original mini-series with seven episodes. The protagonist of the tale is a well-known comic who struggles to find relief after a disastrous night out in Philadelphia with his brother’s threats to wreck more than just his career.

Other TV Shows you can watch in Canada also include 100 Days to Indy, Lucky Hank, Peaky Blinders, etc.

FAQs – Wild Isles

Where is Wild Isles located?

Wild Isles honors the animals of the British Isles and is set throughout the British Islands.

When can I watch Wild Isles?

Wild Isles is broadcasted every Sunday on BBC iPlayer and BBC One. A total of three episodes are already released, and there will be two more.

Is there any other way to unblock BBC iPlayer and BBC One outside England?

VPN is the only way to unblock these services outside of the United Kingdom. Due to licensing agreements and copyright ownership, they are geo-restricted in other countries. Whereas, a VPN connection to the UK server will unblock them.


Wild Isles is a British documentary where Sir Attenborough explores the three natural habitats of wild animals in England and Ireland. Such historical and interesting shows are demanded all across the world including Canada.

You can watch Wild Isles in Canada on BBC iPlayer for free. Both of these mentioned services are exclusively available in England and geo-restricted in Canada.

That is why, you’re required to use a VPN to watch Wild Isles on them. We have recommended ExpressVPN.


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