The Crown shares the life story of the late British Monarch Queen Elizabeth II from the time she took the throne after the death of her father, King George VI to the modern times.

The show has a total of 5 seasons while the 6th and final season is in the making. Royal history is fascinating and The Crown gives a look into the daily life and responsibilities of the British monarchy.

You can watch The Crown in Canada on Netflix, which is available in Canada. However, we have also mentioned the free method later in this guide.

The free method requires the use of a VPN (i.e. ExpressVPN) to hide your streaming activity from the ISPs and the Government.

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How to Watch The Crown in Canada

The Crown is a historical drama, a depiction of the British Royal succession system and politics. Not just in Britain, the show is liked all around the world.

Follow the steps below to watch The Crown in Canada on Netflix:

Step 1: Go to the Netflix website and click on “sign in”.


Step 2: Enter your credentials.


Step 3: Choose the user account.


Step 4: Go to the search bar and type “The Crown”.


Step 5: Select the show from the options given.


Step 6: Select a season and episode.


Step 7: Start streaming.


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2 Ways to Watch The Crown in Canada

The streaming services mentioned below will get you all seasons of The Crown to watch in Canada. For Netflix (Premium), you will need a subscription, and for (Free), you will need a VPN to stream safely.

1. Netflix (Premium)


Netflix is an over-the-top subscription-based streaming service that is available worldwide. You can watch The Crown in Canada on Netflix without any restrictions. 

To watch The Crown in Canada on Netflix, you will have to buy a subscription plan. The basic package costs $6.99 per month. Other than The Crown, you can watch many award-winning shows and movies on Netflix on this cheap subscription plan.

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3. (Free)

watch-the-crown-in-canada-on-cataz is a free streaming website that offers several new and old shows, movies, documentaries, and a lot of other content including The Crown.

You can watch The Crown on without having to pay for the subscription. However, a VPN will definitely be required as is a free service and shows malicious ads that can harm your device.

ExpressVPN will keep your online identity secured and will provide you with a disguised IP address to protect you from ISPs.

How to Watch The Crown on Mobile in Canada

Step 1: Subscribe to ExpressVPN and connect to the US server


Step 2: Download and Install Cinema HD APK

how-to-watch-the crown-on-mobile-in-ireland-2

Step 3: Open the app and search for The Crown


Step 4: Choose a suitable option


Step 5: Choose a season


Step 6: Select an episode


Step 7: Select a streaming link


Step 8: Click on the play button


Step 9: Start streaming


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FAQs – The Crown

Will there be season 7 of The Crown?

No, the producers of the show have confirmed that the 6th season, which will air in late 2023 will be the final installment of the series. 

Does the Crown show the death of Princess Diana?

Season 6 of The Crown will feature the late 90s era till the early 2000s including the tragic and unfortunate death of Princess Diana that happened in 1997.

Who is playing the role of Princess Diana?

Emma Corrin plays the role of Diana in season 4th of the series The Crown while Elizabeth Debicki portrayed the late Princess in the 5th season.


The Crown is a historical drama series featuring the chronicles of the reign of Queen Elizabeth who ascended the throne after the death of her father, King George VI when she was only 25.

We have mentioned free and premium ways to watch The Crown in Ireland, they are, Netflix and You can try either of them at your convenience.

However, you will need to connect to a VPN to access the free streaming site. ExpressVPN is our recommended option as it will hide your identity and keep you safe while streaming.


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