Money Heist is a five-part series that has been a worldwide hit, with an IMDB rating of 8.3. The complete season 5 has been released and this guide will help you watch Money Heist in Canada.

If you haven’t seen Money Heist in Canada yet, this guide will show you how to watch it for free or premium.

But before you start streaming, have a look at this…

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A Virtual Private Network completely hides your IP address and helps in safe and secure streaming.

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ExpressVPN is our recommended choice when it comes to watching Money Heist in Canada as it easily bypasses its geo-restrictions and keeps your online identity safe while streaming.

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Free Options to Watch Money Heist in Canada

1. Soap2day

Soap2day is a totally free online streaming service. It features a large selection of movies and TV shows to watch all day, including certain PPV events.

However, because this website has a lot of advertisements and could contain malware, it’s better to access it with a VPN. A virtual private network (VPN) will keep you safe online.

Their website is likewise incredibly user-friendly. All you have to do is connect to one of the VPN servers, go to the website, and watch Money Heist in its entirety.

Here’s how to go about it:

Step 1: Subscribe to a VPN (We recommend ExpressVPN)

Step 2: Download and Install the app on your device

Step 3: Open the app and connect to any server (e.g. Sweden)

Step 4: Open the Soap2day website and click Home


Step 5: Type Money Heist in the ‘Search Box’ at the top


Step 6: Select the Money Heist series from the list


Step 7: Choose the Season and Episode


Step 8: Click Play


Note: If you aren’t using the Pop-up ad-blocker then you will most likely see advertisements up to 3 times upon playing, so close down those advertisement tabs.

Step 9: Start streaming!


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2. Yesmovies

Yesmovies is another website where you may watch Money Heist in Canada or anyplace else. It has all of the current movies as well as other stuff in addition to TV programs.

Yesmovies is a totally free service that does not require a subscription. Simply connect to any server using a VPN (ExpressVPN is our top pick), and stream your favorite material.

Step 1: Subscribe to a VPN (We recommend ExpressVPN)

Step 2: Download and Install the app on your device

Step 3: Open the app and connect to any server (e.g. Sweden)

Step 4: Open the Yesmovies and type ‘Money Heist’ in the search box


Step 5: Select Money Heist from the list


Step 6: Select the Money Heist season you want to watch (e.g. Season 3)


Step 7: Click Play and start streaming!

3. Popcorn Time


Another free alternative is Popcorn Time, which offers the most recent movies and TV shows in full HD. All you need to do now is download the app and start watching Money Heist

There are different sections for movies and television shows. There are also reviews and ratings for each show. As a result, the software is user-friendly and simple to use.

However, before using this app’s content, make sure you’re connected to a VPN. The reason for this is that free streaming can get you into legal trouble.

To avoid this, use a VPN (ExpressVPN is our top recommendation) to browse the internet safely.

4. 123movies

123 Movies is a lesser-known website that, like others, provides a large number of free movies and TV series.

It is, however, not available in all areas. As a result, use a VPN to connect to a US server and watch Money Heist in Canada right now.

What’s more, it takes the least amount of time to play and has no pop-up advertisements. You won’t have to wait for the video to buffer in this case.

We recommend using a VPN because it is not available in many countries, including the United Kingdom, and it will secure your privacy when surfing the web.

Step 1: Open the 123movies and type ‘Money Heist’ in the search box


Step 2: Select the Money Heist season you want to watch (e.g. Season 3)


Step 3: Click Play and start streaming!



Trakt is a platform that performs a lot of things, but it’s best known for keeping track of your favorite TV episodes and movies. Everything is automated because it interfaces with your media center or home theatre PC to enable scrobbling.

Some customers prefer to check in using their phones, so we provide that option as well. We also make it simple to find hundreds of streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and iTunes where you can watch movies and TV series.

Step 1: Open the and type ‘Money Heist’ in the search box


Step 2: Select Money Heist from the list


Step 3: Select the Money Heist season you want to watch (e.g. Season 3)


Step 4: Click Play and start streaming!

6. JustWatch

JustWatch is a digital media search engine at its core. If you type in a movie or TV show, it will tell you where you can watch it for free, buy it, or rent it. You simply click after you’ve discovered what you’re looking for, and it will take you directly to that service.

It’s not the only site or app that does this, but it’s by far the most dependable and useful in my experience.

Step 1: Open the JustWatch and type ‘Money Heist’ in the search box


Step 2: Select Money Heist season from the list


Step 4: Choose the episode and start streaming


Paid options to Watch Money Heist in Canada

1. Netflix


Netflix is a subscription-based streaming service that lets clients view TV shows and movies on any internet-connected device without interruption. Netflix content differs by nation and is subject to change, but you may use a VPN to change your Netflix location.

If Money Heist is geo-restricted in your area, you can still watch it on Netflix from anywhere in the world if you use the best VPN (ExpressVPN is our top pick).

Netflix Originals, TV series, movies, documentaries, and more are all accessible to watch on the service. We think you’ll like Netflix as it gets better at recommending TV episodes and movies as you watch more.

Why Do You Need A VPN to Watch Money Heist?

The majority of the free and premium choices may be viewed without a VPN, however, we recommend using one for the following reasons.

1. Added Security

Because streaming online exposes you to a variety of viruses, trackers, and spyware, an additional security layer is essential to keep you safe from these threats. A VPN encrypts your data, protecting your privacy and granting you complete anonymity. As a result, you can enjoy streaming while remaining secure thanks to the use of a VPN.

2. Secure Encryption

Your security is also improved by using a VPN. VPN servers are secured using encryption. This means that if someone were to observe the data being passed between your device and the VPN server, all they would see is a jumble of unintelligible characters. Hackers, good luck attempting to understand that!

VPNs are particularly useful if you travel frequently. Geographic restrictions apply in some countries, so you may not be able to view your favorite movies or TV episodes online. Even Facebook and YouTube are restricted in some regions, such as China’s ‘Great Firewall of China.’

A VPN changes your IP address to one of your choosing or one that is produced at random. This gives the impression that you’re in a country where the geographical restrictions aren’t in effect.

3. Access geo-restricted content

Due to copyright restrictions, streaming networks such as Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, and Prime Video limit their material in specific countries. You can, however, use a VPN to gain access to all of these libraries. A VPN will provide you access to an ocean of content, allowing you to access a streaming library in any country with just a single click.

4. Built-in Ad Blockers

The most aggravating thing that destroys your streaming experience when you’re watching your favorite shows is internet advertising. VPNs include built-in ad filters that prevent you from seeing unwanted advertisements while watching. While ad filters are available as software plugins, managing ad blockers when using several browsers and devices can be problematic.

A VPN with an integrated adblocker can remove ads with a single click, secure your network, and prevent adverts when connected to the VPN network.

5. Bypass Data Throttling

Data throttling occurs when your internet service provider (ISP) sets a limit on how much data you may use, and if you go over that limit, your internet connection will substantially slow down. A VPN, on the other hand, can readily solve the problem of data throttling.

You can watch all of the best Netflix episodes and content on other streaming platforms without fear of being monitored by your Internet Service Provider if you use a VPN.

Because streaming consumes a significant amount of bandwidth, a VPN hides your online activities from your ISP, allowing you to avoid data restrictions. Because your ISP does not monitor your internet behavior when you use a VPN, it does not count against your data cap.

Why Is VPN Quality Important?

VPN servers function similarly to online motorways. Data transmissions will be slower as the number of users on a server increases. Furthermore, the farther the VPN server is from your physical location, the longer it takes for your data to reach there, causing your connection to delay.

Hundreds of servers are available with the finest VPNs. For example, ExpressVPN has over 2,000 servers. It’s doubtful that servers will be overburdened to the point where your connection speed suffers. And if you do connect to an overburdened server, switching to one with a lower load is simple.

Other Movies/Shows to Watch in Canada

We have a list of other movies, Tv Shows that you can conveniently watch in Canada  for free via a reliable VPN connection:


You may now watch Money Heist for free or for a fee using the options given above.

To ensure that you are not harmed when watching, make sure you are connected to a VPN. To watch Money Heist, simply connect to a VPN server in another country, such as the United States.

Select your favorite option from this list and binge-watch Money Heist after you’ve connected. We recommend 123movies since it is the simplest and fastest way to view your favorite television episodes.

123movies is easy to use and has no pop-up advertising. Most importantly, compared to other websites, it streams really swiftly. However, because it is not available in all locations, you will need to connect to a VPN. We choose Netflix for premium choices solely since it has all the rights to stream Money Heist legally.

Finally, a VPN assists in many of the methods described above, as well as protecting your device and identity online so you can effortlessly access the web. Now that you have all of the details on how to watch Money Heist, sit back and relax.


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