How to Watch Miss Scarlet and the Duke in Canada [2023]

Thursday, December 7, 2023


Miss Scarlet and the Duke is a British mystery TV series set in Victorian London. It follows Eliza Scarlet, a young woman who runs her late father’s detective agency and partners with a police inspector, William Wellington “The Duke.

The show has a total of three seasons aired to date. The fourth season of Miss Scarlet and the Duke will start on 7 January 2024.  

You can watch Miss Scarlet and the Duke in Canada on Vudu, Now TV, and YouTube TV. We’ve also mentioned a free service to help you enjoy the series free of cost. 

If you opt for the free method, it is important to use a VPN to hide your streaming activities and ensure security.

Moreover, most of the services are unavailable in Canada, and you’ll need a VPN to bypass the geo-restrictions. ExpressVPN is our top pick to access your favourite shows easily. 

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How to Watch Miss Scarlet and the Duke in Canada

You can watch Miss Scarlet and the Duke in Canada on Vudu. Firstly, make sure to connect via a VPN to bypass Vudu’s geo-restrictions.

Follow the steps below to stream Miss Scarlet and the Duke in Canada:

Step 1: Subscribe to our top VPN choice. i.e. ExpressVPN 

Step 2: Download the ExpressVPN app and install it on your device

Step 3: Open the app and connect it to the US server 


Step 4: Open the Vudu website.


Step 5: Search for Miss Scarlet and the Duke


Step 6: Select a Season


Step 7: Purchase the episodes to watch


Step 8: Enjoy Streaming


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4 best Ways to Watch Miss Scarlet and the Duke in Canada

Below are the four best ways to stream Miss Scarlet and the Duke all seasons in Canada. However, make sure to connect to a VPN, as most of the streaming services are geo-restricted in Canada.

1. YouTube TV (Premium)


YouTube TV is a live TV streaming service offering a variety of channels, including ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, and Disney Channel. It also offers on-demand content, including TV shows, movies, and sports. 

All three seasons of Miss Scarlet and the Duke are available on the service. YouTube TV is available for $72.99/month, and you can create up to six user profiles on your YouTube TV account. 

However, it is only available in the US. Users in Canada will need a reliable VPN to unblock geo-restrictions on YouTube TV. ExpressVPN helps you connect to a US server and ensures smooth streaming. 

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2. Now TV (Premium) 


Now TV is a live TV streaming service. With multiple channels available, Now TV also offers on-demand content, including TV shows, movies, and sports. 

Now TV subscription costs £34.99/month. You can watch all seasons of Miss Scarlet and the Duke in SD, HD, and 4K streams. 

It is only available in the UK. However, you can unblock Now TV streaming in Canada using a reliable VPN. ExpressVPN is a fast and reliable VPN with an extensive network of servers in all countries. 

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3. Vudu (Premium)


Vudu is a streaming service that allows users to rent, purchase, and watch TV shows online. It has a vast library of content, including the latest releases, classic films, and TV series. 

Vudu is known for its high-quality video and audio streaming, with options for 4K and Ultra HD streaming. Users can sign up for free and can purchase episodes to watch. Each episode of Miss Scarlet and the Duke will cost you $1.99.

Vudu is unavailable in Canada. Hence, you will need to use a VPN and connect to the US server. ExpressVPN is our top choice.

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4. is a free streaming website that offers multiple movies and TV shows. You can also download any Miss Scarlet and the Duke episode of any season to watch later. 

However, contains unlicensed content and doesn’t have any broadcasting rights for its content. Though is available in Canada, it is still recommended to use a reliable VPN to ensure you are safe. 

With its best security features, ExpressVPN will keep you safe and protect your device from viruses and malware. 

The Cast of Miss Scarlet and the Duke

The main cast of the series “Miss Scarlet and the Duke” includes:

  • Kate Phillips as Eliza Scarlet
  • Stuart Martin as William “The Duke” Wellington
  • Ansu Kabia as Moses
  • Cathy Belton as Ivy
  • Simon Ludders as Frank Jenkins
  • Evan McCabe as Rupert Parker
  • Tim Chipping as William Monro
  • Felix Scott as Connor Doyle

The Storyline of Miss Scarlet and the Duke

Miss Scarlet and the Duke is a British historical crime drama set in 19th-century London. It follows Eliza Scarlet, an independent and determined young woman who inherits her father’s detective agency but faces societal prejudice.  

She partners with Detective Inspector William Wellington, a brilliant and enigmatic investigator, as they solve a series of intriguing murder cases.  

The series throws light on various issues, including gender inequality, class divisions, and the dark side of Victorian London. Viewers will enjoy uncovering secrets, solving crimes, and complex partnerships.  

How to Watch Miss Scarlet and the Duke in Canada on Mobile

If you want to enjoy the show for free on your phone, we recommend a free streaming site. Make sure to connect the VPN to hide your online identity.

Step 1: Download and install our preferred ExpressVPN 

Step 2: Connect to the US server


Step 3: Go to or on your mobile browser


Step 4: Search for Miss Scarlet and the Duke 


Step 5: Open a Season and choose an Episode


Step 6: Enjoy Streaming!


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Other Shows to Watch in Canada

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It is a political thriller series that follows Frank Underwood, an ambitious politician who will do anything to achieve his goals. With his wife Claire, Frank manipulates and betrays his way to the top but soon he learns that power comes at a price.

Watch Avatar: The Last Airbender in Canada

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Watch American Horror Stories in Canada

American Horror Stories is a horror television anthology series that follows a different story in each episode with unique characters and settings. The series is known for its dark and disturbing themes, graphic violence, and suspenseful plots.

Watch Killing Eve in Canada

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FAQs – Miss Scarlet and the Duke

How many seasons of Miss Scarlet and the Duke are there? 

There are three seasons of Miss Scarlet, and the Duke aired till now. Season 4 will premiere on PBS Masterpiece on 7 January 2024. 

Where can I watch Miss Scarlet and the Duke in Canada? 

Miss Scarlet and the Duke is available to stream on PBS Masterpiece Amazon Channel and Acorn TV in the US. In the UK, it is available to stream on Alibi. Use ExpressVPN to get an IP address of any location. 

Can I watch Miss Scarlet and the Duke for free in Canada?  

Yes, indeed, you can watch Miss Scarlet and the Duke free in Canada with the help of But you’ll first need to connect via ExpressVPN as it is not a secure site and can cause viruses or data risks. 


Miss Scarlet and the Duke is a historical mystery series with a 7.7/10 IMDb rating, showing the power of female empowerment and social change.  

The guide has discussed free and premium methods to watch Miss Scarlet and the Duke in Canada without a cable subscription. Services like YouTube TV, Now TV, and Vudu have all the seasons available on a subscription basis.

We have also added a free streaming method. Whether you want to stream for free or with a subscription, you will require a VPN. 

We recommend using ExpressVPN, which will help you bypass the geo-restrictions and ensure security when using free site.


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