Catfish: The TV Show is an MTV original American reality show with a total of 8 seasons. The hosts of the show help people find out if their online relationships are real or not. 

Catfish basically means to make a fake persona over the internet and lie to people about your reality using a disguised personality. Catfish: The TV show helps people know the truth and lies of online dating.

You can watch Catfish: The TV Show in Canada on MTV USA, Hulu, DirecTV, FuboTV, and Amazon Prime Video.

Since most of these streaming services are unavailable in Canada, therefore you will need to use a VPN and connect to the US server. ExpressVPN is our #1 choice.

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How to Watch Catfish: The TV Show in Canada

Catfish: The TV Show is an American reality show that can be watched on multiple streaming services but we will be showing you with Hulu.

First, you will need to subscribe to Hulu for $7.99/month. Follow the steps below to watch Catfish: The TV Show in Canada:

Step 1: Subscribe to a good VPN service, i.e. ExpressVPN is our #1 choice

Step 2: Download and Install the ExpressVPN app on your device

Step 3: Open the VPN app and connect to the US server, i.e. New York


Step 4: Go to the Hulu website and click Login 


Step 5: Now sign in with your credentials


Step 6: Search for Catfish and click on Watch Now


Step 7: Choose the Season/Episode and start streaming!


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5 Ways to Watch Catfish: The TV Show in Canada

Catfish: The TV Show can be watched on the following streaming services (Free & Premium) but you will need a VPN to watch Catfish: The TV Show when you are in Canada as the following services are geo-restricted:

1. MTV (Premium)


MTV is an American cable video channel and a division of Paramount Global. It offers TV shows, reality shows, celebrity news, pop culture, and music shows all from its own production.

Catfish: The TV Show is also an MTV original reality show that you can watch if you have a subscription to a US cable provider or the premium streaming services like Hulu, YouTube TV, DirecTV, FuboTV, etc.

However, these Live TV streaming services are only available in the US. Therefore, you will need to use a VPN (i.e. ExpressVPN) to bypass geo-restrictions.

2. Hulu (Premium)


Hulu is an American premium streaming service owned by Walt Disney and NBCUniversal. Hulu is a home for a plethora of channels as it offers its content upon a subscription of $7.99 per month. 

Hulu also provides MTV content including Catfish: The TV Show along with other amazing shows like Teen Wolf, Jersey Shore, RuPaul’s Drag Race, etc. 

You can unblock Hulu in Canada by using a VPN. We recommend using ExpressVPN.

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3. DirecTV (Premium)


DirecTV is an American multichannel video distributor which, like Hulu, offers multiple channels and shows including MTV.

You can watch Catfish: The TV show on DirecTV along with other popular shows like Alaska Daily, Gunsmoke, I Survived a Crime, etc. 

DirecTV is unavailable in Canada which is why it is recommended to use a VPN (such as ExpressVPN) and connect to the US server.

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4. Fubo TV (Premium)


FuboTV is an American streaming television service that specializes in live sports and entertainment content. It offers its services to the United States, Canada, and Spain but the content varies with location.

You can watch Catfish: The TV Show on Fubo TV as MTV is included in FuboTV’s channel lineup. You can also watch shows from other channels like CBS, Fox, NBC, Telemundo, Univision, etc. 

Even though Fubo TV is available in Canada, you won’t find MTV US in its list of channels, because it is only available in the US version of Fubo. Therefore, use a VPN (like ExpressVPN) and connect to the US server.

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5. Amazon Prime Video (Premium)


Amazon Prime Video is a premium subscription service offering streaming all around the world but most of the US content won’t be available in any other country.

Amazon Prime Video also offers Catfish: The TV Show for $24.99 per season and $2.99 per episode. Other than that, you will also need ExpressVPN to watch Catfish: The TV Show while you are outside the US as it is only available in the US Prime Video. 

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You can watch Catfish: The TV Show for free with a free streaming website such as It will have annoying ads while you stream but you can avoid that if you stream it on Brave Browser.

Since you will be watching content for free, it is advised that you use a VPN (i.e. ExpressVPN) and connect to one of its servers to hide your streaming activity from your local ISP.

How to Watch Catfish: The TV Show on Mobile in Canada

Step 1: Subscribe to ExpressVPN and connect to the US server


Step 2: Download and Install MTV USA APK


Step 3: Open the app and search for Catfish: The TV Show


Step 4: Choose a suitable option


Step 5: Select an episode


Step 6: Choose your cable provider i.e. Fubo 


Step 7: Log in with your credentials and enjoy streaming


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Alternate Shows to Watch in Canada

You can watch the following shows in Canada as well:

The Crown is a British series that portrays the British Monarch since the time Queen Elizabeth took the throne after the death of her father King George. This series is based on true life events of British Royal life till the early 2000s.

The popular American comedy Ghosts (US) was influenced by the British sitcom of the same name. A couple who inherits a home and decides to convert it into a hotel is the focus of the show. They are unaware that the other occupants of the house, known as the “Ghosts,” are not delighted with the notion and are going to do whatever to prevent it.

A coming-of-age comedy called “Derry Girls” takes place in the midst of a paramilitary battle in Northern Ireland. Nevertheless, in spite of its brutal environment, the show highlights friendship and growing up.

Lucky Hank centers on the life of an English department chairman at an underfunded university named Professor Hank. We get to see how he stays stuck to the rules while balancing between a midlife crisis and the chaos o his personal and professional life.

Peaky Blinders is a gang of brothers run by Tommy Shelby in old England who is in action in Birmingham. They gamble to earn and is one of the most powerful family. The show revolves around their lives and how they tackle the arising issues attacking them.

You can watch other TV series in Canada such as Jeopardy Masters, The Amazing Race, Summer House, The Real Housewives, etc.

FAQs – Catfish: The TV Show 

When did Catfish Season 9 was released?

9th season of Catfish: The TV show was released on February 28th, 2023 and it’s been now more than a decade since its first season premiered. 

Why did Catfish: The TV Show got canceled?

Nev Schulman admits to hitting a woman in college prior to MTV stopping the filming of its reality series “Catfish” in light of sexual misconduct allegations against the host.


Catfish: The TV Show is an American reality show that helps people know the truth and lies about their online relationships which sometimes turn out to be worst than a horror story.

MTV USA, Hulu, DirecTV, FuboTV, and Amazon Prime Video are some streaming services that offer Catfish: The TV Show. You can choose any one of the services to watch Catfish: The TV Show in Canada.

ExpressVPN will help you unblock these streaming services as they are geo-limited to only the United States.


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