How to Watch King Kong vs Godzilla in Canada [2023]

Thursday, December 7, 2023


King Kong vs Godzilla movie, an epic battle for the ages has been released on March 31st on HBO Max, but only in the United States.

If you don’t have an HBO Max subscription, you can watch King Kong vs Godzilla in Canada for free in this guide that I am about to show you.

The free method can be watched on any device i.e. your computer, mobile phone, or any device that has a web browser.

IMPORTANT! Since you will be watching the movie for free, you need to be using a VPN. ExpressVPN is our recommended choice. It will hide your IP address and keep you away from any legal troubles.

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ExpressVPN is our recommended choice when it comes to watching King Kong vs Godzilla Movie as it easily bypasses its geo-restrictions and keeps your online identity safe while streaming.

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How to Watch King Kong vs Godzilla Movie for Free

Step 1: Subscribe to a good VPN service (ExpressVPN is our #1 choice)

Step 2: Download and Install VPN app on your device

Step 3: Open the app and connect to the US server (i.e. Salt Lake City Server)

Step 4: Open your web browser and enter this URL

Step 5: Now search for the movie on the release date and start watching!

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Alternative Ways to Watch King Kong vs Godzilla in Canada

Apart from the free method, there are other free methods where you can watch King Kong vs Godzilla movie along with the official method i.e. HBO Max.

Have a look at these options:

1. HBO Max


King Kong vs Godzilla movie will be first released on HBO Max and then throughout the world. But since HBO Max is only available in the US, Canadians can subscribe to the service using a VPN.

HBO Max has collaborated with Crave to bring some of its content to Canada. However, King Kong vs Godzilla movie will no longer be available in its initial release.

HBO Max costs $14.99/month which seems far too expensive than Netflix, Hulu, and other services. But if you still want to watch King Kong vs Godzilla on HBO Max, then you use ExpressVPN that easily helps you unblock HBO Max.

2. Popcorn Time


Popcorn Time is a free app and is available as a Desktop app and on your mobile device where you can watch King Kong vs Godzilla for free.

You can download Popcorn Time’s latest version for desktop and run the app. Upon the release date, you can search for the movie and stream away.

Before you stream with Popcorn Time, read this…

As I said, Popcorn Time is a free app, there are complications when you stream anything for free. You could easily get into trouble with law enforcement which is why you need to use a VPN at all times.

You should use ExpressVPN as it has the strongest encryption that keeps your IP address hidden at all times.

3. Kodi


Kodi is also a free app where you can watch King Kong vs Godzilla in Canada by installing a third-party Kodi addon.

Kodi is a completely legal app but since it is an open-ended software, any developer can create an addon for watching free movies.

You can download Kodi’s latest version for any preferred device and then install a Movie addon. Search for the movie in the addon and you will be able to watch it in SD quality (for new movies).

Both the developer and the viewer could be in legal trouble if they don’t use a VPN to hide their online identity. That is why we recommend using ExpressVPN and connecting to any server as long as it’s not your original country.

Video: How to Watch King Kong vs Godzilla in Canada

Final Words

We have waited long enough for the movie King Kong vs Godzilla to release and yet it will only be available on HBO Max, which is restricted to US residents only.

However, there are other methods where you can watch King Kong vs Godzilla for free in Canada which we have discussed in this guide.

Other methods that are relevant to the discussion where this movie can be watched, have also been discussed.

Having said that, watching anything for free has a cost to it. Therefore, using a VPN (such as ExpressVPN) while streaming King Kong vs Godzilla, is a good choice that keeps you away from any legal troubles.


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