How to Watch Project Runway in Canada [Free & Premium | 2024]

Saturday, July 13, 2024


Project Runway is an American reality show where aspiring designers showcase their innovative designs and judges give their critical opinion on the produced garment.

One or more participants are eliminated every week and the last one standing wins the competition. The show has a total of 20 seasons and it is expected to renew for its 21st season in 2024. 

You can watch Project Runway in Canada on Bravo TV, Peacock TV, and Hulu. All of these are premium services and will require a subscription to watch the show, choose one that suits you best. However, they are all geo-restricted in Canada.

A VPN is the only solution to access these services in Canada. We recommend using ExpressVPN.

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How to Watch Project Runway in Canada

Project Runway is available on multiple US streaming services, one of them being Bravo TV. Just connect Bravo TV to a US live TV streaming service and get ready to watch Project Runway.

To watch Project Runway in Canada on Bravo TV, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Subscribe to a VPN service, i.e. ExpressVPN

Step 2: Download and install ExpressVPN on your device

Step 3: Now open the VPN app and connect to the US server, i.e. New Jersey


Step 4: Open the Bravo website and go to the “Shows” section


Step 5: Now search for “Project Runway


Step 6: Select a suitable option


Step 7: Select an episode to watch


Step 8: Select your preferred Live TV service to watch Project Runway, e.g., Hulu


Step 9: Log in with your credentials


Step 10: Start streaming


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4 Ways to Watch Project Runway in Canada

Following are the premium and free streaming services where you can watch Project Runway. Connect to the US server over a VPN and you’re all set.

1. Bravo TV (Premium)


Bravo TV is a cable network in the United States, and it is where you can stream all 20 seasons of the show.

You must have a subscription to one of the American Live TV streaming providers, such as Hulu, DirecTV, or Sling TV, in order to watch Project Runway and other seasons, movies, series, etc. on Bravo TV.

Unfortunately, none of these services can be accessible in Canada, so you must use a VPN (ExpressVPN) to unblock them.

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2. Peacock TV (Premium)


Peacock TV is an American over-the-top streaming service that lets you watch a wide variety of reality shows, game shows, TV series, movies, etc. when you subscribe to its services.

By subscribing to Peacock TV’s $4.99 per month package, you can watch all of your favourite shows including Project Runway.

You will also have to use a trustworthy VPN service (ExpressVPN) with Peacock TV as it is geo-blocked in Canada. By connecting to a US server you’re all set to watch Project Runway.

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3. Hulu (Premium)


Hulu also has the rights to stream Project Runaway along with several shows that it offers, for instance, Mrs. America, Only Murders in the Building, The Mindy Project, The Handmaid’s Tail, etc. 

You can subscribe to Hulu for $7.99 per month and it will cost you $79.99 per year if you subscribe to its yearly plan. This will, however, give you access to a wide library of interesting shows available on the service.

Unfortunately. Hulu is not yet available in Canada and you’re suggested to use a VPN (ExpressVPN) in order to stream Project Runway. 

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4. (Free) is an unofficial streaming service where you can watch all seasons of Project Runway and other shows from various genres for free, including movies and game shows.

You can also watch Name That Tune, Summer House, Hell’s Kitchen, Hack My Home, as well as many of your other favourite series.

It is advised to use a reliable VPN (ExpressVPN) with, considering the fact that it is a free and unofficial website, in order to protect your identity from ISPs.

How to Watch Project Runway in Canada on Mobile Phone

Follow the steps below to watch Project Runway in Canada for free on mobile:

Step 1: Subscribe to ExpressVPN and connect to the US server


Step 2: Install the Brave Browser application from the Play Store


Step 3: Open the browser app and search for OR


Step 4: Now search for Project Runway


Step 5: Choose the suitable option


Step 6: Select a season and episode


Step 7: Click on the play button


Step 8: Enjoy streaming


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Other Shows to Watch in Canada

Other shows that you can watch in Canada are:

Watch How to Get Away with Murder in Canada

How to Get Away with Murder is a suspenseful TV series that follows a criminal defence lawyer and her students. The series continues as they get tangled up with murder, deceit, and cover-ups, as all of it changes their lives completely.

Watch Name That Tune in Canada

Name That Tune is a game show where contestants have to identify popular songs in the shortest amount of time, in order to win against the other team.

Watch The Family Man in Canada

The Family Man is an action Indian drama that centers on a middle-class man who works in National Investigation Agency. The drama features his struggles of keeping the country and his family safe.

Watch Good Omens in Canada

Good Omens is a British television series that is based on a novel. It tells the story of a strange friendship between an angel and a demon who work together to save the world.

FAQs – Project Runway

Was Kim Kardashian on the Project Runaway?

Kim Kardashian appeared on the show back in 2011 as a guest judge. It was the first time ever the runway show was held out in the open in New York for everyone to watch. 

Was Gigi Hadid on Project Runway?

Gigi Hadid is a huge name in the fashion industry being one of the top international models. Considering her high expertise in fashion, she was featured as a guest judge on Project Runway back in 2021.

Will Project Runway be back in 2024?

Yes, Project Runway is surely going to be renewed for its 21st season which will be aired in 2024.


Project Runway is a reality TV show where emerging fashion designers showcase their unique and innovative designs. By the end of the show, a winner is declared based on the judges’ decision.

Only American streaming services have the right to stream Project Runway and it is not aired on Canadian streaming sites. You can watch Project Runway in Canada on Bravo TV, Peacock, and Hulu with the help of a VPN.

A VPN will help you unblock the geo-restrictions from these services upon connecting to the US server. We recommend using ExpressVPN.


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