If TVB is considered as one of the most popular networks than it is not wrong and people love to watch TVB’s favorite content while they are travelling or doing any sort of activity. As we all know that the online platform is Geo-blocked outside Hong Kong and if anybody wants to access it to watch their favorite content then users will need a VPN.

Let us explain you what does a VPN do in actual? A VPN as in Virtual Private Network will obtain the Hong Kong IP address and that’s how you will easily watch TVB from anywhere around the globe.

If you are currently outside Hong Kong and try to access this platform then you will see the following error:

“Due to copyright limitations, is not available for this content”

A VPN will hide what you do online and avoid the snooping of ISP (Internet Service Provider). It won’t work without a VPN because TVB might have checked that you are trying to reach out to this portal from another country but when you will connect it with a Honk Kong server then the site will be accessed smoothly.

In this blog we will be guiding you about the best VPNs in the market so users can have the access to their favorite TVB.

How to unblock TVB outside Hong Kong

The steps mentioned below will help you to access it:

  • Subscribe to (VPN Service)
  • Enter your login details
  • Choose Hong Kong server
  • Connect to it
  • Go to TVB website
  • Or use TVB Network app
  • Enjoy your favorite shows

Best VPNs to watch TVB outside Hong Kong

  1. Surfshark
  2. NordVPN
  3. ExpressVPN


Surfshark is on the top of our list and it is getting popular day by day due to its exceptional services among the users. You can opt for its 2 year plan for $1.99/month. If you would like to learn more about this VPN try it for a month. If you feel that it’s not what you are looking for then you can cancel anytime and you can get your money back, there is a 30 day money back guarantee as well. It provides good speed to its users and the 256-bit encryption  will enclose your data and look after your security and privacy.


The next VPN is NordVPN and it is one of the most unique VPNs in the market. NordVPN gives you very fast connectivity and you can stream all of your favorite shows easily. You can connect multiple devices with the help of this VPN and hundreds of new servers are getting added. It also has more than 4,100 servers in 50 countries and it can also unblock Netflix, Hulu and amazon prime videos. It is also supportive on Mac, Windows, IOS and android. It comes with a yearly plan of $5.75/month with a 30day money back guarantee. The biggest aspect that attracts the users is the fact that it is cost-effective and many can afford it quite easily.


The next and the last VPN is ExpressVPN and it is one of the fastest VPN. Few steps would be needed to complete the process and you will be watching your favorite content without any interruption and hassle. HD streaming can also be done with the help of this VPN, and it also fix the issues related to the frequent disconnections as well. It comes with a yearly plan for just $8.32/month and it also comes with a 30day money back guarantee.

List of TVB shows

  • Come Home Love
  • Lives of Omission
  • Come with Me
  • When Heaven Burns
  • The Defected
  • Angel In-The-Making
  • Forensic Heroes
  • My Unfair Lady
  • Big White Dual
  • Come Home Love
  • Legal Mavericks
  • Moonlight Resonance
  • Bottled Passion
  • Rogue Emperor
  • Deep in The Realm of Conscience
  • Forensic Heroes II
  • The Hippocratic
  • Heart And Greed 3
  • Friendly Fire
  • A Great Way to Care
  • Captain of Destiny
  • The Unholy Alliance
  • Tomorrow Is Another Day
  • Presumed Accidents
  • Off Pedder
  • Life on the Line
  • Sweetness in The Salt
  • Eye in The Sky
  • Swipe Tap Love
  • A Fist Within Four Walls
  • Can’t Buy Me Love
  • The Bund
  • The Other Truth
  • A Watchdog’s Tale
  • Heart of Greed
  • Rosy Business
  • The Gem of Life
  • A Kindred Spirit
  • Healing Hands II
  • Dicey Business
  • Tiger Cubs II
  • Silver Spoon
  • Born Rich
  • The Beauty of The Game
  • Pages of Treasures
  • Ghetto Justice
  • Another Era

Channels to unblock on TVB outside Hong Kong

You can also watch different shows, dramas and many more on TVB because it also offers channels from different regions. It also offers international channels and few of the channels from Taiwan and Malaysia. Let me name some of the channels.

  • TVB Jade
  • J2
  • TVB iNews
  • My Tv Super
  • TVB International
  • Tv Weekly
  • TVB Chinese drama
  • TVB Korean drama
  • TVB mainland News
  • TVB Sports
  • My TV Live


1How TVB can be watched in the US online?

You need to subscribe to the VPNs discussed above which have Hong Kong IP address in order watch TVB in the US territory. If you subscribe to the VPNs discussed above than you can watch TVB in the US without any interruption.

2TVB Drama free can be watched online how?

You can watch some of the famous TVB channels like jade, Pearl, J2 and many more. You just to need to get yourself subscribed with one of the above VPNs and you will have access to the Drama free channels.


In the end we would like to say that TVB is one of the most popular networks in Hong Kong. TVB does not work outside the Hong Kong but users do have an option to watch their favorite content outside Hong Kong. You just need to subscribe to the VPNs discussed above and you will have access of TVB anywhere in the world.  Thank You for reading.


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