ITV Hub is a UK based channel which is free and famous for its content. River Island, Love Island, Downtown Abbey, and Coronation Street are available for streaming. While streaming these, you are able to watch on demand and live British TV shows on channels such as ITV1, ITV2, ITVBe and CITV.

ITV is Geo-restricted outside the UK. Many people have this question in mind that how they can watch ITV hub abroad. Let us explain how you can access it. Obviously, you can watch ITV content by using a VPN.

By streaming these channels, you will never miss your favorite content. When you try to access ITV without a VPN, you will be seeing the following error:


How to unblock ITV Hub

  • Create ITV Hub account
  • Sign up to the VPN from below given list such as Surfshark
  • Download the VPN app
  • Install the VPN app
  • Connect to any English Server
  • OpenITV hub website and enjoy!

Best VPN’S to watch ITV Hub

  1. Surfshark VPN
  2. NordVPN
  3. ExpressVPN


Surfshark has servers in almost 59 countries and have advance security features. It can unblock several platforms which also include ITV hub abroad. For this, you can choose from its 24 month plan for only $1.99/month. This can provide you apps for Windows, Mac, Android and more. Along with ITV Hub, you get to access YouTube TV and Channel 9 as well.


NordVPN has more than 800 British servers and have advanced security. This VPN unblocks not only ITV hub but also big platforms like Netflix, BBC player and more. You will be allowed six connections at a time with a good reliable speed. It has wide range of security features which includes 256-bit of encryption. NordVPN applications are available on Mac, android, iOS and few more. It has a good budget plan of $3.49/per month.

Express VPN

Express VPN offers high speed and give access over 3,000 severs in all 94 countries. Express VPN doesn’t compromise when it comes to privacy because it has unlimited bandwidth and exceptional ability to unblock. It is a bit expensive for $8.32/month.

List of ITV Hub Shows

  • Deep water
  • Dinner date
  • Drop dead weird
  • Family Guy
  • Loose women
  • Love Island
  • Max and shred
  • Mr. Bean
  • Minder
  • Ninja warrior UK
  • Pokemon
  • River Monsters
  • The Saint


With regard to the VPN quality, it is easy for you to watch ITV Hub abroad outside the UK. We hope that you choose one of the above mentioned VPN’S and enjoy watching the content. If you still have questions or queries, leave us your comments.


Is ITV Hub free?

Yes, but you need to sign up to stream content for free.

What’s the difference between ITV Hub and ITV Player?

ITV Hub was designed to replace ITV website and the ITV Player. The Hub provides instant access for phones, PCs and connected TVs.

Can I watch ITV in France?

How to watch ITV Hub AbroadBy using a VPN, you can trick the server as if you are in UK and access ITV from France, Spain, Thailand, America and anywhere else in the world.


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