Watch FOX TV outside the US

Moving away or going on a holiday does not mean you stop watching your favorite content. But if it happens to be inaccessible then that’s a big bummer.

Now if you’re used to watching shows or movies on FOX TV and happen to be outside the US you might have some trouble accessing it. Read on to know the secret on how to watch FOX TV online outside the US.

FOX TV has become the most-watched network with its blockbusters. It is American owned with its website that is which has all the good TV series and movies such as The Simpsons, Lucifer, Beverly Hills, which can be watched.

There is an alternative to this website such as a FOX TV application by which you can watch the content on your mobile phones as well.

Being geo-restricted means not available for countries other than the US creates a huge bump for the expat, you might get the following error if youtry out reaching FOX TV:

“Geographic Restriction”
“The Content is not available in your location”


So to watch FOX TV you will have to use a VPN.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) helps you in obtaining the IP address of the US and unblock its content. Further, we will explain to you about three good and quality VPN’S which will help you in your query on how to watch FOX TV online outside the US.

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How to unblock FOX TV outside the US

  • Subscribe to a good VPN such as Surfshark
  • Login and connect yourself to a US server.
  • Open the FOX TV website or access it through the FOX TV application.
  • Search and Stream the blockbuster content.

Best VPN’S to watch FOX TV outside the US

  1. Surfshark
  2. NordVPN
  3. ExpressVPN


Our first recommendation is Surfshark, a new VPN gradually sinking its feet in the industry. A lot of people are opting for Surfshark due to its cheap cost which is $1.99/month for 24-months.

It offers good speed without any buffering and stopping in between. There is also a kill switch featureand a no-log policy. Apart from unblocking Fox TV, it also unblocks SonyLiv, Channel 9, and more.


NordVPN is used by masses now because it is cost-effective and has amazing features to look forward to like HD streaming, good speed and kill switch policy. With that, the 256-bit encryption it is offering is highly appreciated. Overall, it has 5000 plus servers in 60 plus countries.

This VPN is offering 6 parallel connections to one account. NordVPN is running 30 days money return policy so there is no room for any loss, with a yearly package that comes in $3.49/month which is worth the features it offers.


Here comes the king of all VPNs, known as ExpressVPN. It has 3000+ servers around the globe with the highest speed. ExpressVPN uses kill switch encryption protocols which secures your data. Subscribe to its yearly package which comes in $8.32/month. The cost is worth every penny with the offered features. It provides 5 parallel connections on one device.

List of FOX TV shows

  • The Simpsons
  • Lucifer
  • Beverly hills
  • Family guy
  • Empire
  • The last man standing
  • Brooklyn nine-nine
  • Master chef
  • American idol
  • The walking dead


Is FOX TV app free?

Yes, you can watch your favorite TV shows or movies on the FOX TV app for free.

How can I watch the FOX TV show?

You can watch FOX TV either on or download the FOX TV app.

Is there an app to watch FOX TV shows?

Yes, with FOX now on mobile, you can stream FOX TV live or on demand.


I hope this clears out your concern on how to watch FOX TV online outside the US. With our recommendations you won’t be disappointed.

For any other problems regarding this comment down below and let us know.


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