Privacy Policy

Privacy policy elaborates to the reader that how we deal with the information that can be obtained by the use of our website tools.Privacy policy only concerns with the information that is collected on this website. take your privacy as prime responsibility, and that’s why we handle your information with proper attention. We recommend our users to read our privacy policy with care kindly, and if you disagree on any point, then please don’t use any of our services.

Information We Collect:

The word “personal information” means your name, email address, contact number and bank information and along with these it also include your demographic information like your location, online activities, interests, and queries.
Normally the data not collect from you like your location instead can be collected through
your mobile or laptop.These all are your personal information.
The only reason that why we collect your personal information is just to serve you the services and packages that best suits you.

How We collect information:

We only collect that information which you provide us through your sign up, by responding to our campaign, by asking us questions, by purchasing our products, by connecting with us on social media and some data picked up by the cookies and similar other tools.
We also use some other services to collect information about the google analytics tools; it insures us to take a track of traffic trails and other statistical stuff to improve our reach over the internet.

How we use your Information:

The ways in which we use your information are:

  • We manage your account and register you.
  • We suggest you the best services and products upon your request
  • We respond to your questions by customer support
  • We encourage you to connect us on social media i:e Twitter and Facebook
  • We design the products and services based on your interest.
  • We analyze the statistics and trends of our website users.

We never sell your personal information, never disclosed it except the one that is written in our privacy policy because for us it’s our priority never to break your trust.