How to unblock QQ Music outside China

Do you want to learn ways to unblock QQ Music outside China? We believe you must be interested in this. Just read our easy guide which will help you to unblock QQ Music so that you can listen to your favorite music anywhere.

QQ Music is one of the three Chinese premium music streaming service and it is owned by Tencent Music. It was a joint venture between Tencent Music and Spotify. As per statistics, the music service reached more than 700 million users along with 120 million subscribers. It also captured a market share of 15% after merging with China Music Corporation.

Being the best music streaming platform, QQ Music offers quality music for everyone from every possible music category. However it is available for those residing in China only. It cannot be accessed from any other country other than China. This is because of the geographical restriction. So if try to access QQ Music outside China all you will need to do is to access it through a VPN which will hide your true location and will grant you access to QQ Music.

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a Proxy that is used to unblock and access the sites which have geographical restrictions. VPN full form is Virtual Private Network and what it will do is obtain China’s IP address so that you can listen to your favorite playlist.

If you ever try to access QQ Music outside China then you will be shown this error:

 So in order to bypass this error you will need an excellent VPN service with a good budget plan so that you can easily listen to the songs you want to without any hurdles.

We know that you were a Chinese resident who shifted outside China or you either are on vacationing mode but still want to be updated on your favorite streaming site that is QQ Music and that’s why you are here to find out an easy way.

Let’s get started with the process:

How to unblock QQ Music outside US

For that, you will have to follow the steps mentioned below

  • Subscribe to (VPN Service)
  • Enter your  login Details
  • Choose a Chinese Server
  • Connect with that server
  • Go to QQ Music website
  • Or use QQ Music app
  • Enjoy your favorite music content

Best VPN’S to watch QQ Music outside China

  1. Surfshark
  2. NordVPN
  3. ExpressVPN


The first VPN we will introduce to you is Surfshark. It is a new VPN recently launched in the market and is always in the VPNs list because of its attractive features. It helps in removing all unnecessary ads which creates disturbance through CleanWeb. It offers a 24 months plan costing you just $1.99/month. In addition it offers you a 30 day return policy. Surfshark also has features like Kill switch, No log Policy and 256-Bit encryption which all other good VPN’S also possess and which you will get by just paying $1.99 every month. With that Surfshark is compatible with quite a lot of devices like Mac, iOS, Android and more.


Next up is NordVPN. It is a popular name in the VPN market because it offers a great number of servers to choose from. It has 4800 servers in more than 60 countries. An amazing thing is that it comes up with a 30 day money back guarantee with a yearly plan of $5.75/month which makes it quite affordable for all. NordVPN will provide you 6 parallel connections on one account and is compatible with Linux, Mac, Android, Apple and more. It will not only provide you with good speed and also with a feature which will take care of your data and look after your privacy isn’t that great? If you do subscribe to NordVPN then let us know by commenting below.


Lastly we will discuss ExpressVPN, which is the fastest VPN in the market is always in demand. It has more than 2000 servers in 94 countries and offers unlimited bandwidth which let you watch your favorite content without any disturbance. It has a very quick speed with large number of servers to choose from. Moreover it provides HD streaming and offers a yearly plan in just $8.32/month. We know that it is a bit costly but with the great features it is providing your every penny will be worth it.

List of Most Viewed Music Videos on QQ Music

  • Big Bang “Bang Bang Bang
  • PSY “Gangnam Style
  • Big Bang “Fantastic Baby
  • PSY “Gentleman
  • G-Dragon “Crooked
  • Trouble Maker “Trouble Maker
  • T-ara “Day By Day
  • Bing Bang “Bae Bae
  • EXO “Call Me Baby
  • GD X Taeyang “Good Boy

FAQs: How to Unblock QQ Music outside China

1- Is QQ Music Free?

No it is not free. You will have to pay a subscription fee before accessing it.

2- How to unblock QQ Music on iOS?

For that you will need to download the QQ Music App from App Store after subscribing to desired VPN service. After download is completed you can listen to your favorite music afterwards.

3- What is the purpose VPN?

A VPN is used as connection method which adds security and privacy to the public and private networks.

4- What makes QQ this much special?

There are tons of factors which makes QQ music extremely special, few of which we will be mentioning below:

  • It has genuine music
  • It has a massive music list (library)
  • Subtitles of the lyrics
  • Even have translated lyrics
  • It supports thousands of Chinese, Japanese and Korean songs
  • It has car connectivity
  • The search is extremely powerful
  • You can search via singer, album, playlist and more.


So viewers, we hope that our blog provided you with the valuable information. To access QQ Music outside China you will need a good quality VPN and we mentioned about three great ones above so make a choice and enjoy listening to music that can provide you entertainment and fun and lighten up your mood. You can leave any comments if you face any query.


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